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Anderson window seal failures

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The company I work for did a rather large custom home last year. We've had 10 windows go bad since the homeowners moved in. Anderson has blamed the problem on muratic acid, which was used to wash the brick after it was installed.

The house only had brick on the front, and 8 out of the 10 bad windows were on the front of the house. Still, this sounds a bit like a cop-out.

Any of you had a similar experience ? Anyone know for sure if muratic acid can ruin window seals ?

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This doesn't sound like Andersen. I did have a case where all the sashes needed to be replaced after acid washing due to etching. That brick mason probably lost is GL policy.

Did Andersen go ahead and replace the sashes? This is one of the things I always liked about Andersen. They stood behind their windows.

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Ron, could be the acid etched the metal frame that separates the glass, and supports the gas-seal, causing failure. Odd.