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Ceramic Tile Saw

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I will soon be doing an approximately 600 SF ceramic tile floor in a kitchen and family room. I would appreciate any comments regarding a lower-priced saw that I could purchase (preferably less than $500) that would diagonally cut 12" square tile 1/2" thick.


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I bought a 7 inch MK a few years ago that more than paid for itself in one job ($278.00). It will handle 12 inch tile easily and larger if you turn the tile to cut in two passes. (Tough to be accurate that way). Most of the time, however, we sub to a tilesetter, who brings his own tools, because I can't always afford the time it takes to do it myself.

But, now is the time to decide. If you know you will be doing more tile jobs in the future then consider spending the money on a larger (10 inch) saw. We see more customers and jobs that are using 16 inch floor tiles (and some larger). If you don't anticipate an ongoing in-house tile business then you might consider renting the 10 inch saw - usually around $40. per day plus tax and damage waiver. It is smoother, quieter and faster than the 7 inch. No need to have a tool gathering dust after a one time job, (unless you are a tool junkie - you are, aren't you).

Depending on the brand name, you can expect to pay about $1,000. for the MK101 and $750. to $800 for a Target or Sawmaster. There are a few, can't remember the names, that will be $600. to $700. And, the pawn shops will have some at around $400.(All 10 inch saws). There is a small wet saw that looks like a miniature table saw. Just a flat top and a tray with a small blade. It's about $150. Someone on this forum has one and had good things to say about it.

Probably more than you wanted to know - hope this helps.

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* i used my radial arm saw w/ diamond blade to cut 16" limestone straight and diagonally. made a ply table to cover the table and even hooked up a drip water system. it worked great. didn't hurt the table or the saw. just had to hose out the blade cover when i was finished.

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i have some tileing to do in my house. so i went to the hd to look at the saws they have. i checked them out and went o tool crib of the north and bought a mk 770 from them. tool crib of the north was cheaper and i didnt have to pay tax and the shipping was about 5 bucks. the mk 770 cost me 500 bucks plus the 5 bucks for shipping

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Thanks guys! After I posted this message I checked the archives. I found basically the same information there. I also spoke with someone today who had purchased a table saw type tile saw to use on his own house. It had a stainless steel top and he paid less than a hundred dollars for it. After he used it, he rented it out a couple of times, and then sold it since he wasn't going to use it again. He said that the only problems with it was that it sprayed water back toward you, and it would get bogged down if you pushed it too hard. But otherwise, he was pleased with it.

BTW, the tile I will be installing is only 1/4" to 5/16" thick. The second choice the customer had made would have been nearly 1/2" thick.

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I purchased a QEP table saw 7" Blade ~$150 to tile 700 SF using 16" tile cut on the diaginal. The only think I had to do use to build a struction around it to support the large tile and tracks like those on a table saw to mount a straight edge mounted on a 45°. Worked great. I would of rented, but couldn't find a saw big enough to cut on diagonal in one shot.

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I did the same, but for different reasons.


6 x 24 split traventine mosaics, thickness ranged from 1/4 to 1,5", so only way to do mitred corners was face up.

50 bucks for a Ryobi 8"RAS at the pawnshop, router speed control, and a spray spritzer worked fine.


Another tile guy on the site was perplexed by my arrangement, but then again he had never heard of ring tile saws!!!!

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I will soon be doing an approximately 600 SF ceramic tile floor in a kitchen and family room. I would appreciate any comments regarding a lower-priced saw that I could purchase (preferably less than $500) that would diagonally cut 12" square tile 1/2" thick.


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HD has an on-line listing QEP 30" beam saw at 495. I showed the ad to my flooring supplier.....his comments were that you get what you pay for, but the lowest price beam saw of that size that they sold (in Canada) was over 2k$, and he had no knowledge of QEP saws, but only of some of their other products, he said they are a vaible supplier (unsaid, I inferred that this meant not top of line). He said go for it.


My shopping around was not obsessive, but I did spend more than a few hours lookin around the net.

Worst case is if the beam flexes to much or the chip out is excessive, you can return it.....but you might have to eat the shipping costs.


I'm gonna find out in a cuppla weeks when mine gets here, making it tile saw #5....the freakin tiles keep getting bigger, or maybe my clients have increasingly expensive tastes Anyway, way too many tile saws for a cabinetmaker doncha think..


Here's the history of my tile saws.....

First one was a plasplugs "high-end" saw, cutting field tiles for back splashes>>> a note has had two lives, lent it to a client who said he broke it. but a little TLC and it was resurrected, then theres a slightly larger and heavier powered table saw type , then an import tub type saw (too small for 12" tiles), then a makeshift  50$ ryobi RAS with a diamond blade for a  specific purpose---2' mosaic sheets, and now this saw.....


They is all still functional and I feel no shame in trucking the cheapo plasplugs out to a backsplash job when the tiles are plebian low fired field tiles. Small and quick., but it don't work for glass tile mosaics, The blades are not suitable for glass...


AAnyway. scope it out. I is under the 500 bucks you mentioned....


My thoughts only


If you do go for it,  let me know how it works out for you. I'll do the same.


Eric in Calgary