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japanese tub construction

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I am working for a high-end custom homebuilder and we are looking at installing a japanese soaking tub for a client. The tub will be used 2-3 times per week and water would be held for 6-8 hours for reheating and reuse. As these aren't terribly common some questions have come up about its construction. Any helpful suggestions or alternative techniques would be greatly appreciated.

We are planning on using tile for the finished interior. The tub is to be square in shape. As a soaking tub it will have no jets or aerators, but will require a heater, filter, drain, and supply.

Should the tub be supported by framing, ply, and a mortar bed OR could concrete block with dampproofing be an alternative?

Want to use a 65kW inline gas heater. Any recommendations for brands?

Recommendations for filter equipment would be appreciated as well.

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concrete block soaking tub (post #178020, reply #1 of 1)

Did you have success in building a soaking tub with concrete block and then tiling it?  Did you use rebar in constructing it? What did you use to seal the concrete?