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Maple and Purpleheart built-in article..

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Hi Folks,

    I've been searching for an article published in the late 80's / early 90's timeframe.

Apologies but I don't recall if this was in Fine Woodworking or Fine Homebuilding as

I was a subscriber to both at that time and the subject could have been covered in

either forum.  The article described a bookcase style built-in (possibly located on

one wall of a wide stairway) and of substantial height.  The construction of the

uprights was a maple plywood sandwich over a foam core in a stress-skin

composition.  The front of the built-up ply was covered by solid maple inlaid with

purpleheart strips running the full length of the upright.  I recall the overall effect

of the purpleheart to be spectacular and I'd like to dig-up a reprint of the article

but have been unable to locate the issue in which it was contained.  If anyone

could provide a pointer to which publication and the specific issue in question

I'd sure appreciate the help.  The above details are from memory so some fuzz may

have crept in given the intervening time.



I think you can find it here... (post #208970, reply #1 of 2)

Fine Homebuilding: Issue 65, pp85-88 Feb/March 1991

Maple and Purpleheart built-in article.. (post #208970, reply #2 of 2)

That's it.  Just fished it out of the attic in a few minutes.  Many thanks

as I've been looking for that on & off for some time.


On a bit of a tangent, I'd signed up as an onlin member on the chance such

archived articles may be available in PDF form.  Either that isn't the case or

I'm not navigating the site correctly.  Could anyone shed some light on what

the case may be?