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Memory odors

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Memory odors (post #161225)

Ok, so that's not such a good title, but what would you call it?

I was cutting some plywood today, oak veneer with some unknown core, and I got the most wonderful smell, reminded me of when my father used to cut plywood back in the late 50's early 60's. I remember when he built a headboard for their bed, all plywood, covered with Naugahyde. Also built a train table down in the basement. Plywood smelled differently back then.

Another smell that sometimes takes me back is new cotton pants (I think that's where I smell it). Reminds me of the smell when I was issued all those khakis in the army.

Speaking of Naugahyde - does anyone other than me remember the Nauga doll that was the mascot for Naugahyde? Everyone I talk to thinks I'm crazy. It was a rather flat doll, about an inch thick, 4-5 inches wide and 8-10 inched tall. The fingers and toes (and maybe the entire body) were formed by pinking shears. And of course it was made of Naugahyde.

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when I enjoy a nice meal of pinto beans and hamhocks in about 2 hrs I notice an aroma that reminds me of the last time I had beans and hamhocks. My wife also has the same memory.

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Don't see much Naugahyde these days, because Naugas are on the endangered species list I suppose.


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Tough little buggers to skin, also...
Doesn't help that the price of a pelt is at a 25 year low........

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Two smells get my blood stirred up. One is the smell of fresh turned earth in the spring. Makes me want to get on a tractor and plow something.

The second is the smell of corn when you first start the harvest on a cool fall day. God I love that.

They're both better 'n sex. (Just don't tell my Wife I said that)

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*'re doing it WRONG.

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Vicks-Vapo-Rub, Just smelled it again for the first time in 35 years and reminded me of my mom rubbing it on my chest when I was a sick little kid.

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Keith and I need to have a talk with you..........

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Ed, you're not nuts. I think there's a Nauga somewhere in the attic at my grandmother's house. You could get the kit or buy it already made. The proof is here:

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the smell of the woods after a rain reminds me of squirrel hunting with my Dad when I was a kid.

the smell of the woods in the fall----deer hunting

my gym bag with sweaty clothes-----high school

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This thread discriminates against those of us without a sense of smell. :)

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Yeah, and those of us who smell too.

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hehehe good one :-)

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About that plywood. Remember when it always used to be doug fir plywood?


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Love those mammary odors.

What ? Mem...

never mind.

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Naw -

I've been plowing and picking corn for a long time. I think I'm doing it right.

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the smell of hot asphalt always reminds me of the smell of the creosote on the docks and fishing piers on Ocracoke island,North Carolina when I was a kid 35 years ago.

Now all the docks are wolmanized---no smell. almost no trawlers now either.

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I love walking into my shop the day after ripping a bunch of wood. I love the smell of wood. But my wife dont like my smell the day after I eat some of her spicey food and kicks out of the house and into the shop.

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Every now and then I catch the smell of a leather jacket that is hanging in the back of my closet. It has the same smell as the chaps I used to wear when I rode bulls. It always makes my mind drift back to crawling in the middle of one of those beasts, getting the rigging just right and then hanging on for the longest/fastest eight seconds of your life.

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Ahh the smell of new cars....and the better smell of the back seat of older cars. Popcorn at the drive-ins. Coming home reakin' of sex. Sweet sweat. I better stop before I have to go ..umm nevermind.

Stephen... I used to tell the kids I smell the ocean as we got off 168 onto 158 headed for the Outer Banks. They believed me. Road keeps getting nicer and nicer every year(except fot the friggin' toll booth in Va. this year, asswipes) I'm lobbying for a bridge to Duck or Corolla.

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OBX Osama bin xterminated

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Every few years, a hurricane comes up the gulf an just keeps coming north. No longer a hurricane, but the system makes Indiana. And you can smell the ocean. It's nice.

Rich Beckman

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Not to long ago I stopped at an antique store to browse. I found some old oak whisky barrels with the bungs still in them. I pulled a couple out and man o man what a smell. I could almost taste the sour mash. I haven't taken a drink in 16 yrs but that was a great smell. I just stood there for awhile and let the bouquet just drift up my nose. Every ounce in while I would look around to see if anyone was watchin so as not to look stupid. When I finally replaced the bung, turned and looked up, there was a close circut camera starring straight at me.

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kcoyner, did they charge you for the shot or was it on the house :)

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lighter fluid smells bad, but the first time in the Spring I smell it on some neighbors know Spring is here and it's sweet.

Likewise, mothballs bring back summers at grandma's house.

Pipe tobacco brings me to my dad's woodshop. Or playing chess with my grandfather.

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On the house I hope. I didn't hang around for long after being nailed.

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vicks vapo-rub. Wow, does that bring me back. Lying in bed, can't smell a thing, and then Mom rubs it on and it overwhelms everything and you feel better. I love that smell.

Also, the smell of ozone in the air just before it rains in the spring. That is the cleanest, purest smell I can think of.


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For me its diesel fuel. Worked on Boats out in B.C. one summer cruising the Juan De Fuca Strait. Whenever i get a whiff of raw diesel It puts me back in the engine room between a pair of big cummins diesels waiting to go up on deck and into the sunshine.

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The scent of a fishing harbor/dead fish/salt water/old wooden boats.....and, of course, the scent of a woman.

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Afte5r spending a few years on a volunteer fire dept. there are some smells I'd like to forget!

The smell of fresh baked bread is good therapy.

Ron, your days of plowing and eating corn are numbered 'cause if you think that either is better'n sex, then you are too old or your wife is.

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For me, the best smell in the world is freshly mowed hay in the late evening. It takes me back to the old days when the entire summer was spent putting up square bales in the hay mow. Now that we are older and wiser the 1,000 lb. round bales can be done in a couple of weekends when it used to take all summer.