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Thinking Cap II

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Posted this in 'General Discussion' as well!  Looking for article in FHB or maybe the other guy (jlc) that shows details of adding rigid foam insulation over strapping on interior walls of new construction.  Maybe three, four or more years ago, hoping somebody's memory is better than mine.  I know I have the magazine with the article, just can't seem to remember more than that!  Looked at the Mooney Wall, but that does not use the rigid foam I saw in the subject article, would like to see both for comparison. Thanks.

Did you look HERE? (post #199666, reply #1 of 2)

Well, that would be at this page in this convoluted website.................


You can search using key words-supposedly in the Mags index.  Give it a shot-better you than me.

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Thanks, but can't find it (post #199666, reply #2 of 2)

Thanks, but can't find it there!  May be in JLC, but had no luck so far!