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THANK YOU TO: (post #206641)

The suppliers of this years Fest Giveaways!  

And there were quite a few!  Whoa!   They musta went through a few closets this year!  Thanks Dan Morrison and probably the youngest looking guy there (next to the yutes) Patrick McCombe.  I felt someone should have checked his ID.  Of course, that's because he was standing next to a bunch of Ancients.  Don't forget these two guys.


Companies like Bessey Tools and Fastcap led the way with some very valuable donations that everyone received! 

Festool added 2 of their 4 ft Lighted Levels that somehow magically landed on the two hosts doorstep Monday late aftn.  This couldn't have happened to two better guys even if they were the only two left cleaning up the mess.  But we all can send a thank you to their representative that I put the touch to:  Rob at:

PLEASE, let Bessey and Fastcap know how much their generosity was appreciated with an email.  

Andrew Fera at:

Paul Akers at:  (not a direct link, copy/paste on an email)


A simple thank you will help any future invitations to donate, believe me.   I can only convince contributors the value of their generosity if they get some positive feedback.  A couple thousand dollars worth of prizes is some serious generosity!  Do it now b/4 it slips through the cracks. 

And remember-the Egiftcards from Fastcap-one to a customer-you can't load up you and your spouses cards-you get one-they get one.  Thanks





PLS joined in with some apparel.  Thanks Mike

Gary Katz provided some instructional video's along with something we use every day.  THIS IS CARPENTRY added a couple shirts.  Thanks Gary

Mike Guertin provided some valuable  "extras" that satisfied some lucky winners.  Thanks Mike (not a direct link, copy/paste to an email)

Jet lug'd past customs some of the red'est hats I've ever seen, along with other bag stuffers and cherry chips for the smokers.  Thanks Jet, eh?

Shep brought the BEST hammer tacker that I got lucky enough to nab, THANKS Shep!

The Smiths (you too Marianne) and Wicklunds didn't disappoint the babes either-they put together some sweet gift bags.  These folks deserve a standing ovation (try that with a lobster in front of you).

I'm sure I missed somebody and apologise.  Lemme know and I'll amend the above-I don't want to leave anyone out.


It wouldn't hurt to let the above folks know you appreciate their interest and help in the swag give-aways.




A Great Place for Information, Comraderie, and a Sucker Punch.

Remodeling Contractor just outside the Glass City.


thank yous (post #206641, reply #1 of 4)

Because I'm getting old and forgetful, I was going to ask you who were supposed to thank for the swag. But you beat me to the punch.

BTW, thank YOU for strongarming all those companies into giving stuff.

And it was a pleasure to see you and Joyce again, and play some golf with you.

Even if I didn't get my winnings <G>

Shep (post #206641, reply #2 of 4)

It seems like it was very convenient to have forgotten the "payoff".  Me, just a dumb carpenter from Ohio using an unfamiliar set of sticks, yet fully expecting to cash out at the end..............was taken aback that not a peep was said till Sunday morning.


I do know this, I had no plastic coins in my pocket and had eek'd out more points than Smitty.  This made me happy.


I guess this just means we gotta meet up once again and see if we can settle this faux paw..............(notice how I tried to do that in French).


Now, to the strongarming.  It didn't take a bit of that.  I don't know how in the heck a couple emails could generate that kind of giving.  I didn't use my gift of bull schitting, I just plain out asked if they would like to do a good will gesture, didn't exagerate the talent of those that would get the stuff, was truly pretty honest in the requests.  I guess it didn't hurt that I've corresponded with both guys about their products.  In this day and age of never being able to talk to a human being, I've got to hand it to all three companies that they respond at all.

The volume is what floored me.  There was a thousand bucks worth of clamps and over that in Fastcap e-cards.  Now that's something!

Festool was the beneficiary of them sending me a survey to fill out, that I questioned in an email to the in house surveyer.  He wrote back (unexpected) and I took a chance and asked him if his company would like to get on board.   Didn't even use the play on words..................FESTool.  He pushed my request up the ladder and boom-a couple of their hundred fifty buck levels........

What's the chance of that happening?

Katz is used to me asking as is PLS.

So yeah, I got lucky and maybe I should quit this carpenter stuff and go to work for the United Way.  Something to think about-checks from bigwigs can't be very heavy.    hmmmm.


I've bug'd Guertin several times, but logistics usually precludes getting big stuff to any but Mikes place.  This yr I didn't even ask.  Too bad he couldn't join us for some shell fish and libation.


But the creme de la creme (is that italian?), was and their super huge haul!   Even more surprising was that most of the recipients were from where the whole gang that's some class from Dan and this forum.  The next knowitall to open their mouth about the deepend, dead place, whatever, should maybe think of that b/4 they start spouting off.

but I digress.

So, thanks to you par boy-used the tacker today and am most pleased!

Thanks to those that put on this fine event.

Thanks to all the folks that came.

And thanks to all those that made it a big success. 

A Great Place for Information, Comraderie, and a Sucker Punch.

Remodeling Contractor just outside the Glass City.


It was good to see you again, (post #206641, reply #3 of 4)

It was good to see you again, Calvin, Shep, Dino, Mike, Mike, Vince, David, Jet, Audrey, and others. 

Glad you liked the swag, I was happy just to walk away with a 'This is Carpentry' pencil. Those pencils rock.

At one point (when I was making excuses for not having editors in the forums much) we were talking about workload at FHB and I told everyone that our editors are doing 60% more magazines with 15% fewer people than the gravy days when Andy spent 40% of his day here.

In addition to the magazines, I forgot to mention the videos that they are producing. I looked in to the recent numbers -- we will have produced 11 long-form videos this summer (we've also produced a ton od short videos).

That is more than we produced all of last year. Guys like Patrick are kicking [JOBSITE WORD] and I am really proud of how well they are doing it.

This summer's videos:

The last three will be up soon.

Thanks Mike for hosting this thing and thanks to the rest of you for attending. I sure hope to see you all next year.



Dan Morrison

I'm hoping.......... (post #206641, reply #4 of 4)

that the thank you's were abundant and timely!  Haven't heard any feedback, thought I'd run this up again, make sure no one is left out.


Golf league ended tonight-with any luck, my partner and I will have our number-team 1 to look for on next years schedule.

A Great Place for Information, Comraderie, and a Sucker Punch.

Remodeling Contractor just outside the Glass City.