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2013 Fest

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2013 Fest  (post #208203)

This evening, the early arrivals met at the One Eyed Pig in Newtown.

good beer, good food, great people!



Joining Joyce and I were the Smith clan, the Wicklands, the Beckmans, the Svensons, the Jets and Dino, Vince Carbone, Shep, and Mark Coleman................a couple of bikers (m/f)...........the cutie w/the bright green shoes..........and of course the adorable bartender.


If I forgot anyone, my apologies..........

tomorrow morning, golf outing with the hard cores

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No pictures yet ?? (post #208203, reply #1 of 7)

No pictures yet ??

junk (post #208203, reply #2 of 7)

as usual, ralph is compiling a full photo album-i'll ask if he might be able to post.   I'll put some up after i get home--too busy having a blast at this time.

Joyce and I hope to slay some younguns in games of chance today.



Yesterday morning-attacked the Whitney Farms course-Mike Smith as usual is holding the money-allegedly to distribute........after using for  the usual photo of hands.


Spent the rest of the talking, imbibing, eating and listening to the Taunton Editors band-man, what a good time.

Maureen was still standing when we left, she looked good, yet a bit tired.


The day was gorgeous, theFest location at their facility very accomodating and comfortable.  Cooking classes, and tours of the operation.  Plenty of food and drink and a perfect day for rekindling the old relationships and starting new ones.

Todays forecast-Too Much Fun

A Great Place for Information, Comraderie, and a Sucker Punch.

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Saturday / night............. (post #208203, reply #3 of 7)

Another day filled with fun.

We took the garden tour to a home parts of which went back a couple centuries.  The house portion was filled with tales, and interesting design and artifacts.  A beautiful job by the volunteer that guided us.

We zipped on over to a winery, sucked down 6 plus one to "sample" the vintners labors.  Some good, some a bit too sweet for me-my grandmother maybe, but not for these buds.

Left there to visit the "project house".   More of a stage set than a project-as there were many parts done just for the example-Justin's Garden Shed was way more finished.

Vandals have done some midnight stone throwing at the project house-too bad.  I'd think the way to finish this place would be to gather the employees and hit it with a sort of Habitat attack.  Then find a way to limit the access or at least wire it up to save the efforts from desecration.

While there, we watched the filming of "There's a Better Way".  With a little prodding, heckling and general suggestion-we managed to almost ruin the star as well as the production.  DonCanDo played a masterful second in the filming.

It was soon time to return to Taunton-wore out and damn thirsty.................but first a stop for a tour we had missed while on the links.  Just over the hill unless you cheated and drove up the secluded stone drive that "might" be where the project house was.................there is the FHB shop and mag production offices (video production too I suppose-I was too busy attempting to divest them of some tool review props (unsuccessfully).  We didn't have any hotdogs, or I'm sure we'd have tested the Sawstop.  They've got a jointer there that you could sleep on.  Saw a pc of maple you couldn't lift and peeked in on the story board room.

Now, real thirsty-off to Taunton's main building or Fest Central as some call it..............

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Man, dry as the Sahara.............. (post #208203, reply #4 of 7)

Quickly taken care of/quenched/replaced ...............with a Naragansette (sp?) from Smitty.

Prior to dinner there was more BS-ing and the realization that we needed to take the group picture.  Looked like probably all were at the site..............dinner in a couple minutes and cat herding is no simple task.

I enlisted the services of Rich Beckman to stand on the spot and set camera settings / focus / anything else I could think of pertaining to capturing the herd in the best possible manner.  Call out the cats.

Well, the cats were quick-formed nicely, no questions, a reference to "Shut the      Up Beckman"..........a bit of this / that can't see your face ..........


Took a shot or so and moved a couple heads.


Now, not that this was the reason-I bought a remote cordless shutter thing-so no count to 10 and race into position-and what a great tool.  However, in my hands, I farted around so much I thought they were going to mutiny.  I had them doing the hokey pokey all the while pushing the remote.............I did have fun at their expense.

So here you go-ALMOST all-  I'll add the three other groups of stragglers as singles till someone can figure how to photoshop them in-seamlessly.

This was take 2-as two stragglers (they claimed to be on time and that we were early ((2 cooks by the way-they watch the clock way too closely))  )  showed up after take 1 and the cats had disbursed.

So, being the good natured group, they marched right back up the hill and reformed.


The unincluded group of stragglers.............



and last but not least..........




as you can see, we were starting to lose our light.   And I'm sure we probably still missed someone, but here's the best I could do.


edit:   Well, seems Maureen's husband wasn't in the original nor the 2nd take nor showed up for the add ons.   I am sorry. 

edit 2:   but he was in the first take-which only shows one eye of Kathy Wicklund, along with Susan O'donnells forehead, but does include along with Dennis-their daughter Marisa's BF/fiance' Greg. and Rob from FHB...............crap, nothing's perfect but this is embarrassing.

I hope Rob notices all these imperfections and can cut crop and paste all this in here.


Next year I'll set up a photo booth-you get here, you get your picture taken.  Then we put 'em on a page like mug shots and just keep adding on................

or we continue the tradition of imperfection which I'm getting much better at.




Take 1 add whomever you don't see in this one.............


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After the POS photo array...............Saturday Night (post #208203, reply #5 of 7)

We dined on some fine food (again), prepared by (remember, I'm really very bad at names) the big guy dressed in Black-Maureen and Dennis's daughters BF/finance'.  WOW!  Steak or Lobster-or both if you played your cards right.

Refreshed and full, we adjourned to the Tea Room where some festers oggled the tables of swag (what the heck does that stand for anyway?).

The Smith grandson's drew the names and one after another and many repeated a few times, picked up one of the many really fine gifts donated by Taunton/FHB/FG/THEADS/etc, FastCap, and Pacific Laser Systems, along with Bruce's becoming infamous turned PepperMills, and several Festers that added gifts they brought to the pot................there was a bunch-Thanks to all of you!

While some of them were trying to choose-I hit up the cobbler with REAL whipped creme............several times.  WOW again!

A Great Place for Information, Comraderie, and a Sucker Punch.

Remodeling Contractor just outside the Glass City.


Great photos! (post #208203, reply #6 of 7)

and terrific descriptions of the weekend's events. Almost as much fun looking at the photos and reading your posts as it was to have been there.

The big guy dressed in black is Greg, my daughter is Marisa, and the Fest-ive red-headed baby is my grandson, Cameron--7 months old today. The little guy must have soaked up a lot of positive energy that night because the next morning he crawled for the first time.

I have already warned Marisa and Greg that life will never be the same now that he is mobile.

Thanks (post #208203, reply #7 of 7)

for filling in the blanks.

Best of luck to the young couple-Cameron was a big hit.

I asked Marisa if she'd started yet on raising the stuff to be out of reach. ..................guess she'll be doing that now.


You too.

A Great Place for Information, Comraderie, and a Sucker Punch.

Remodeling Contractor just outside the Glass City.