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Always room for more

jet's picture

Any folks coming to the fest?
Always room for more.
Details at the site listed below.
BT has been doing this every year for 12 years now.
Started with Pete Draganic and moves all over north America.
This year is north of the boarder in Sutton Quebec.


Try as we might we couldn't (post #203661, reply #1 of 3)

Try as we might we couldn't make it happen this year, Jet.  Have a ball; we'll be thinking of you and the rest of the Festers.  You and Audry are great folks and hopefully our paths will cross again.


Relatives out your way. (post #203661, reply #3 of 3)


Too bad you guys won't make it.

Our paths will cross again sometime as we have relitives out your way. (ok on Orcas Island)

But I have a cousin in construction in the Seattle area.

Hi Bruce! Sherry and I are (post #203661, reply #2 of 3)

Hi Bruce!

Sherry and I are homebound with the grandson this summer... it's a lot more fun than not! We'll miss seeing you, Audrey and the the boys, give em our best!

The Village Woodworks, Inc

Chapel Hill, NC


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