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Boss Hog gets married

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Boss Hog is getting married this weekend.

A bunch of the guys including Gunner is there to make sure he don't run off.

Thanks! (post #201971, reply #1 of 2)

and a pity we might not get a first view of the nuptuals......................and the mini fest prior.


Congrats Carol and short round, you got a good man.



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Here's a re-cap of the events: (post #201971, reply #2 of 2)


Had an excellent time at the wedding!!!

Boss and Carol are fantastic, and make a great couple.

All the imaginary friends and new friends that I met are really super people too. I had a blast the whole time!!!

Pics are coming, but it seems that Mrs. Bob either has the patch cord in her purse with her at work. Or Lil Bob has it with her. So I'm working on trackin' that down. (Always a mission!)

Anyway, here's the official run down of the adventure:

Friday afternoon, we find bstcarpenter in his front yard just gettin' his pants pulled up. (I never asked)

We all 3 get to the hotel a tad late. Everyone starts gettin' to now each other and swappin' stories and such, while we're eatin' and then relaxin' and just swappin' talk with each other. (About my date with Carols Mom?!, Well that's another story!)

Later on, after some had went off to their rooms me and bstcarp, lost track of Gunner. At first we wasn't too worried, but later on we decided to hunt for him some. Turns out, we find him in a boat that's hanging from the ceilin', in the lobby! Now I had been drinkin' a few beers, but I was sure that boat started out in the pond out back docked beside a paddle wheel type river boat! I know, I'd had several beers, but damnit, it was really all in that pond, I swear!!!

We got outta there before anybody seemed to notice. We were still in good shape. Everything was under control.

Next Morning everybody met for breakfast and had a real good time/visit. Us riffraff, types was too busy makin' sure we got woke up and didn't miss the farm tour, and the wedding, so, we was pretty good for most of the day.

Gunner has bonded with Ron's Dad, yea, they took off into a corner of the house, and had some secret communique' stuff goin' on. Later Boss caught Gunner tryin' to 'HotWire' Old Blue, but somehow he explained his way outta that. I think he had some instant pull with Ron's dad that worked in his favor. I'll be postin' the pick of Rick gettin' busted by Ron.

The wedding was a whole story in it's self, so I'll post about that later. But it did go down perfect!

Oh, I fergot, on the way to the farm, bstcarp is communicating with his wife, and trying to get her to find a babysitter for their "Little Responsibility", and wants her to spend the night. I caught a glimpse of his ear square on, and I swear I could seem the gears rollin' so fast that they was almost smokin'. He somehow got a sitter arranged, don't know the details but she would not come early and meet him at the hotel, she'd see him at the wedding. That was That!

So after bstcarp gets his own room for that night, and we're all about our business getting ready fer the knot tiein', there's a knock on the door. Thru the little hole in the door, I see bstcarp, and a lady. I get a weird fellin' he got drunk at the bar and picked up a little 'filly'. As I'm openin' the door thinkin' of how to handle this, he introduces her as his wife! I'm thinkin' right!!! Turns out it was! All was still good.

Somewhere between leaving for the weddin' and gettin' back to the hotel. Gunner spied one of them big machines that can paint a bunch lines on the road at once. He starts crackin' a plan to swipe the rig, and paint "Ron Loves Carol" on the road in front of the hotel. I said it would be real funny if we wrote "Ron Loves Hank", (Did ya read the e-vation?). Turns out "Hank" is not her NickName at all! I think I got the fish eye from her over that one, when it came out!

So after we get back into our normal duds, we all meet at the bar. Everybodies talkin' about everythin'. We was all havin' a ball just' and such.

Then comes, "The Paddle Wheel Incident".

Between Me, bstcarp, Chuck, and hvcarpenter, a plot starts to break for hijackin' the river boat out back in the pond. We get Gunner covered in black spray paint, with a knife in his mouth, and send him out in the water all Ninja style to cut the boat free. Chuck And DonK have their wives hang in the bar to help keep the guest from noticing us. bstcarp, and his wife are sent up to the top level of the boat to party, and further distract people from noticin' the ODD activities.

Me, Chuck, DonK, and hvcarpenter, are workin' on findin' the engine, and hoped to get it running.

One of our brighter guys happened to ask the question half way into the mission, "How we gonna get past the "Pond" issue???

We called in the troops and headed back for the bar at that point. But nobody told bstcarp, and his wife. We just left them up on top of that boat. She's a good dancer, but he just wiggles alot! :-D

Finally they ended up back with the rest of us and some of us managed to outlast the bartender for the second night!

The "Amish Kidnappin'"

We all meet fer breakfast this morn'. All is good, we get all our stories straight, no problems right!?

hvcarpenter gets up and says, "I'll be back", okay, we didn't think nothin' of it. So far as I can tell,... the Amish got him somehow. By the time we got suspicious, we could find no clues.

We have an APB out in all Amish communities. They are lookin' fer a guy with white whiskers, in a lil pickup, with a home made camper on the bed.

Dat's all I know!



Turns out that wasn't Carol's Mom but her Dad's girlfriend. I'm really not gettin' on her good side!