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Farm fest - 2018

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I don't know if it's possible to "reserve" a year for a fest.  But if it works out that's just exactly what I'd like to do.


Carol and I will be moving to the farm in the summer of 2017, barring some huge crisis.  For many years I've wanted to have a fest there.  But Dad would never go for it.

Carol knows all about you degenerates, but seems to want to host a fest anyway.   Probably because she was so impressed with those that showed up at our wedding. She even said she'd do some of the cooking.

To some degree it would be like Peach Fest at Doud's place a few years back - Lots of space, open country, places to walk, etc.  

We could also offer tractor rides, and maybe a hay ride.  Bull riding if you're so inclined. A walk in the pasture. Maybe a trip to lookout point.  Snipe hunting.  Banding calves if the time is right.

Plenty of room if any of you were inclined to bring guns and do some target practice. (Paper targets only)

Only one sticking point - No hog roast.  Just talking about it makes me nervous.

Ron (post #211039, reply #1 of 1)

Never could understand the wait till later to offer up a party.

you two want to do it. Got my vote!

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