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Wasn't the Fest last weekend?  Any survivors?  Stories? Photos?

 Come on, some of us are waiting for a few vicarious grins.

Just came up for air (post #204121, reply #1 of 60)

Hi Jim,

I will post pictures when I get home.

I am waiting on the festers to send me pictures as Audrey and I didn't have time to take any our selves.
Mike Smith has the official fest photo of the entire group.

I plan on sending that into Taunton for FHB magazine.

Thinking they should also publish it in the others mags so we can have more of an all inclusive fest in years to come.

This year Taunton sent some swag for the cooks and gardeners as well.

Comical (post #204121, reply #2 of 60)

isn't it Bruce.

If you get exposure in the mags when most, if not all the attendees are those that abandoned the sinking ship.

Well, maybe ironic.



Good to see the smiles on everyone's faces...............except for the few pics of Beckman, he looked sort of perplexed.


Glad you all had a good time!

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Calvin, I tried!!!! I even (post #204121, reply #3 of 60)

Calvin, I tried!!!!

I even went on all the forums here and posted to get more of a cross section of the Taunton community.

There certanly was no lack of effort.

Met with Mireille from Cookstalk. She has her own restaurant in Granby Quebec. About 20-30 minutes from my Parents place in Sutton. But that was the sum total of the hours I put into posting here.
Just look at the posts I have done here and look at the number of responses. Other than you and Arron. Most others are also from that other place.

I had long chats with Dan and so did TH have chats with Dan. We continue to say that BTC was only a catch all for those who were unhappy here. Adding that if things get better and the gang migrates back, TH would easily shut down BTC. The only thing TH gets out of BTC is the headaches from the roudy crowd. There is absolutely nothing in it for him.

The olive branch will always be out for everyone to come back here if  the ship can be turned in the right direction. Not even asking it to go back the way it was. Know that will never happen.

Look at the bottom of this page and see the last update. Hasn't changed in over a year.
I will always poke in and keep my fingers crossed that something will happen for the better. This place needs more traffic.

I will now post some pics here for all to see.

Holding my head up fer now


Bruce (post #204121, reply #5 of 60)

you have nothing to be ashamed about.

I just think it's funny.  And so is the lack of any change here.  And so are the few posts from the other side when they visit with I guess a burning desire to answer a couple posts.  Even more comical is to read the references to this barely able to make it forum.  Sounds like folks going back for a class reunion and reminicing on the good old days and how the neighborhood has gone down hill and you wonder how anyone could still live there................

Hey, Dino's got his own problems to worry about-seems more like the old place when you see the couple of bannings, the chit/chat pick on people like we used to see here.....the loose lips and never let it die attitude...........yup, he's got his hands full.


It brings to mind that nothing will ever be perfect, people will never respect each others opinions and to hell with the rest of it all.

There's alot of selfishness and bullheadedness and probably a couple other "ness's" in this world.   Forums, business, govt's, hell the whole shebang.



But, I digress.


Glad you had fun.


And, you just need to load your pictures from your computer like we had to do b/4.  I don't think that the pic storage places work here.  Give it a shot, ain't that hard.  They won't be imbedded in the messsage, we'll have to open of the changes we never got.

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In fact, pics can be (post #204121, reply #6 of 60)

In fact, pics can be copy/pasted from BTC.


Here's the gang

The link will take you to the photo. (post #204121, reply #7 of 60)

Don, you have to save the image to your computer, I did it to the desktop.  Then you 'browse' like b/4, go to the photo and load it.

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2011_Fest.jpg492.38 KB

Fest photo (post #204121, reply #9 of 60)

That's a good looking bunch, for sure.  I think I even recognise Shep in the upper right...the Douds, Beckmans, Mike 585 and Susan, the Smiths, jet and Audry, Kathy Wicklund (maybe Ralph taking photo?)...some other folks I'm not sure I could name...sorry we missed it.

(would this be an appropriate time to tell my broken hip story?)

broken hip story.................. (post #204121, reply #10 of 60)

Is this the tale of CrazyLegs?



A Great Place for Information, Comraderie, and a Sucker Punch.

Remodeling Contractor just outside the Glass City.


No... (post #204121, reply #12 of 60)

...but it might be worked into a version of the "you remember the Macerana? Well it has NOTHING to do with that" story.

No, this story is about a healthy (if slightly overweight) balding, over sexed 56 year old carpenter taking a misstep over the edge of a 1 storey roof, landing directly on his hip, fracturing it and the surrounding circumstances...'s not that great a story, but after missing last year's Fest because of a dying brother, then not taking advantage of the fact that Kathy was working in D.C. the week before the Fest and I could have been touring museums and oogling hotties for a few days then attending the Fest but instead was working diligently trying to keep my business alive, and squeezing in reroofing my neighbor's garage in the name of doing a good turn for a great neighbor of 30 years...

Oh well, I guess it's not much of a story. 

Freakin' surgeon slid a rod down INTO my femur, screwed the top to my hip joint and a couple set screw below the break and here I am WALKING a week later.  Unreal how far modern medicine has come. 

Off to bed with the remote and a beautiful woman - Jim

Jim, (post #204121, reply #13 of 60)

I no longer will give it a thought about the hip pain while walking the back nine.


it might make a good addendum to the crazy legs saga.

A Great Place for Information, Comraderie, and a Sucker Punch.

Remodeling Contractor just outside the Glass City.


so - was it your neighbor's (post #204121, reply #14 of 60)

so - was it your neighbor's roof you stepped off of?


'no good deed' and all that....


glad you are on the mend and for the advances in medicine/treatment - how's physical therapy? - 


anyway - you gotta keep your priorities straight (or gay or whatever) - we did a great job of spending money we didn't have to get everyone in one place for about 24 hours - and this was the first day since we came back I haven't pounded it - not that I didn't need to, but there was nothing left in the tank - 

regards to everybody, hope to see you again someday - 

(there's a rumor of an east coast affair next year)


"there's enough for everyone"

Hey! Daddy Doud! (post #204121, reply #15 of 60)

Yes, it was indeed the neighbor's roof. 

As for good deeds and all that, check this out.

I had stripped the entire roof and just put the starter coarse on the first side when I fell.  Ended up hiring a buddy o fmine and his lead carpenter to install shingles and I actually ended up PAYING money so that my neighbor would have a new roof. 

Got a pretty good story about head wounds though.

Michael still in grad school in CA?

so -    would that be (post #204121, reply #16 of 60)

so - 


would that be enough money to get to the fest? - 

maybe you better not answer that - sorry I brought it up....

over at dino's place I was conversing with Walter (maine slate roofer) and it occurred to me that I have never shingled a roof - done a few repairs, made arrangements to get several done, and I've done a number of metal roofs, but  never actually nailed one down by myself - 

I think I'll keep my record intact - 

but my barn does need a new roof - would you be interested?


after a rough first year, California culture has grown on Mike and he has come to terms with the life of a graduate student - 

we had a nice conversation in the car on the hell-drive home about his research - he developed a new synthesis that is notable in his 'inch wide mile deep' area - it should be published in a month or so - 


how widely is your brood spread? - 


"there's enough for everyone"

A barn roof in The Heartland? (post #204121, reply #17 of 60)

"but my barn does need a new roof - would you be interested?"  That sounds intriguing.  But it's gonna take me a while to save up enough to do a job like that.

Blodgett kids are all here instate.  Todd and Selena live in Seattle, he works in Tacoma.  Lindy has a nice gardening business in Olympia and Amy is trying to transfer from Spokane back over to this area.  Man, that would be a treat, but it's great having them all so close. 

We're having a dual birthday celebration this weekend and everyone will be here for a couple days.  I can't wait.  There'll be lots of teasing and lying and brownies and meat and beer and coffee and tall tales and good natured ribbing...just about the best company I can imagine those kids. 

Your it Emily?...she just graduated from Harvard?  Are they going to stay thereabouts, or come back home, or join the Peace Corps, or...?


our special needs child (post #204121, reply #18 of 60)

our special needs child graduated this may - she and her fiancee are setting up housekeeping in the near northside of Chicago - Emma is working at the 'Proteomic Center for Excellence' at Northwestern University -

 - we are happy to have her only 3 hours away and are driving up to check out the digs next saturday - 

it's most rewarding to get the young people to this age and still have them value family time over so much other - 

we'll have everybody here next month for the 'Johny Appleseed Festival' - my two biggest sales days of the year - and we'll be here for Thanksgiving - gonna memorialize my MIL who passed this summer - 


we remember the west coast tour fondly - hope to see you and your family again sometime - if you are ever traveling thru the midwest let me know - 




edit: - looks like you'll have to copy/paste the link to the proteomics center - I wonder how one hotlinks here - if you go there and click on 'staff' there's a bio - 


edit 2: - looks like it's working now - glad I fixed that!


edit 3: OK, it's hard to get to the right staff page from the above link - here's the one -

"there's enough for everyone"
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hey... (post #204121, reply #19 of 60)

just  found  this  thread...


two  months  behind's  the  hip  now ?

Mike Smith Rhode Island : Design / Build / Repair / Restore


Hi Mike (post #204121, reply #21 of 60)

The hip is doing okay, Mike.  Thanks for asking.  It was a wake up call, for sure.

A  friend of mine back in the 70's wrote poems.  I remember a line from one - "Time is tight, so live it right..."

You and Helen hosting the Fest this year?  Set a date yet?  We'd love to attend.

"Perplexed"? (post #204121, reply #8 of 60)

Was he holding a road map by any chance?

Was he holding a road map by any chance? (post #204121, reply #11 of 60)

Now I be perplexed.

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Pics (post #204121, reply #4 of 60)

From left to right.
Doncando Mike585 and Don's brother Rich

Darn system won't let me copy and paste!!!!! As the old system would.

hey!  Jim!   someone has (post #204121, reply #20 of 60)

hey!  Jim!


someone has a question for ya - 


"there's enough for everyone"

"Hey" yourself, cowboy. (post #204121, reply #22 of 60)

You been putting that sawmill to good use? 

We are adding to our drying shed and just about ready to pull the trigger on a small kiln.  Planning for three more homes to either build or rennovate (Todd, Lindy, Amy).  Man, what a great way to ease into my golden years, huh? 

Life is good.

golden years ? (post #204121, reply #23 of 60)

yes   .... that's  the  plan

as  usual  we  still have  the  conflicts of  best weekend  in August

my  favorite  is  always  the  3d  weekend...  but  that  conflicts with  some  school  schedules

what  works  best  for  YOU ?

what  works  best  for  DOUD  ?

further we  can  go into  August  usually helps  with the attendance

Mike Smith Rhode Island : Design / Build / Repair / Restore


Best weekend? (post #204121, reply #24 of 60)

Well, Todd and Selena are planning to marry, here at our place, the first weekend in August. 

So the farther the Fest is from then, the better the odds we'll attend.

But as you well know, people's plans change.  Often.  So please plan for everyone else and we'll make every effort to get there.  Hopefully the stars will allign and we'll join the gang before, during and after. 

Re-fest (post #204121, reply #25 of 60)

I wonder if I remember how to get to the house?

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The horse knows the way. (post #204121, reply #26 of 60)

Just cross the bridge, pass that big clump of hay, take a left and follow it around.

No problem.

Jim (post #204121, reply #27 of 60)

I remember a left at the end of the road, go under an overpass, drive a bit then keep an eye out for a rock fence.

Got lost going to the hotel in the dark, took the same turns.

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You sure that wasn't over an (post #204121, reply #28 of 60)

You sure that wasn't over an underpass?

I thought I was sure............. (post #204121, reply #30 of 60)

then a Yardbirds tune came on and now I'm not quite so sure..................

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Remodeling Contractor just outside the Glass City.


lost (post #204121, reply #29 of 60)

You couldn't follow route 9 if it had a letter after it.