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Fest Report

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from calvin:

first fest report:

Site is spectacular.
Weather is cool.
A fine blast is expected.
Renier (sp)is cloudshrouded, but HUGE.

that is all.


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Hey, ask Cal if he wants me to bring the SIPS hot irons up to be door prized/raffled/auctioned/ to anyone who wants them.
7 1/2" and 1" 1/2

Don't know if any Sips/ICF builders are gonna be attending.

Be a donation.

They can't get your Goat if you don't tell them where it is hidden.

Life is Good

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John, this from calvin

yes, sounds good, bring em along, we'll see if we can find a good user for those irons.

Going to be good to meet you. Thanks again for all your help.


Further report-
Horseshoe pits ready.
Decks swept
Lumber and logs moved-plenty of parking.
Getting more ready everyday.

Smitty's lounge arrives tomorrow morning.

that is all.............


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Did you charge up the batteries for your pinhole camera?

There are 10 kinds of people in this world; those who understand binary and those who do not.

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from calvin-

Jim's at the Fest site, holding down the fort.

I'm at his place, with son Todd-his girlfriend from dig this-12miles upriverfrom Maumee, Kathy, and Joyce.

Life of Riley!

Renier hike tomorrow.

Smiths, Wicklunds anD Luka arrived this P.M.



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Taking a little fishing trip out to Hood Canal this morning with PlumbBill.

Should be heading to Fest site this afternoon when everyone gets back from the mountain.

Happy Trails

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We are somwhere in Washington. I'll bust out the gps in a bit and lock in our coordinates. Trains about an hour behind schedule and we need to get to the hotel and shower before hitting Jims version of drop city. Should be there about 3ish.

Dustin would like to find someone around there that carries occidental stuff. Can anyone help a ninja out?




Expert. Since 10:00 A.M.




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You prob. won't get to read this, but we have at least two places here to get Occidental stuff. Both open on Saturday.

I won't be at the 'puter most of the day but you guys can call me if you wish at 360-870-6833.

Hoping that I haven't invited crank calls. :o)

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We'll call you when we get on the ground and squared away.




Expert. Since 10:00 A.M.




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Maybe save some time, here are three places in the Olympia area:

Western Tool Supply
• 360 413 1660 •
1225 Ruddell Rd Se Suite G
Lacey, WA 98503

Curtis Lumber Co Inc
• 360 357 7737 •
2326 4th Ave East
Olympia, WA 98506

Lincoln Creek Lumber
• 360 956 9147 •
2421 93rd Ave Sw
Tumwater, WA 98512

The Woodshed Tavern Backroom
The Topics Too Hot For Taunton's Breaktime Forum Tavern

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The Eagle has landed;->

I'm shooting for 3 or 4 at Jim's also. You guys are going to pass right by me headed south out to Jim's. Figured the mountaineering krewe will be back around that time.

985-851-4492--- call if you need anything.

Sounds like Mshredder is going to be at the airport this afternoon also

BossH I know you got shredders #.... give her a call to see if she has transportation to the fest. I'm only a few minutes from the airport and would hate to see someone waste money on a rental that will collect dust all weekend.

Getting thirsty already

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We are navigating traffic now. Dustin had a little scene at the rental counter but it's all good. What's a vacation without choking out
the rental car guy?




Expert. Since 10:00 A.M.




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What's a vacation without choking out
the rental car guy?

That's my boy!!! Choke him out!!

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Boo yah.




Expert. Since 10:00 A.M.




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The Gunner relays have changed slightly.

Captions on the pictures are certified Gunner comments for that pic.
Comments not on the pic,..... Are not from Gunner!
Un-adultered originals are available on request.

With that said:


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I should be there by about 3 on Saturday afternoon. I have to look at the map and see where the hell it is I'm going. There's a bunch of scrap wood in the back of my truck. Any chance of a bonfire? If not my wife will make me cut it up to fit the woodstove.

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anyone else recognize bloggetts meter cover in the photos from the FHB article he did?

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So there are actually people in the cheap seats watching!

I was beginning to wonder!


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Thats all I can afford but i'm here! :)~

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If you or anybody else can point out who people are, or offer any nuggets of knowledge, It'll help us new people out some I'm sure.


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the only pic i see with no caption is in post 27 and the guy with the hat is rich beckman cohost of peach fest last year and the guy with the beard is david doud the host of peach fest. most of the picsa are to blurry to tell the background.

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My camera man isn't concentrating on his job!

We here at Relay Central, will mention it to him.

Remote partying? who'da thought?


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And the pics are finally rolling again!

Who's in the Purdue shirt?


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That's DavidDoud's son, the chemist.



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Must be the secret behind the great coffee.




Expert. Since 10:00 A.M.




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Ah yes, the secret to the perk is the perk.


did seeyou invent the perk?

and has seeyou been wearing his orange?
because, you know, seeyou did invent orange.



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The food and drink at that last shindig were well-nigh stupendous. Having some of the same hands involved would bode well. Enjoy.

If you are on Amtrak, on the way back, and will be rollin' through Winona, MN... give me a heads up and I'll run down to the station. You can see my house from the Amtrak rails... passes right by here twice a day.

I'll finish up that "Jack Miter" job this week and will post some more pics. :o)

Say hello and wish everyone all the best for me!