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Pig roast builders games

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Our local builders organization is planning our annual pig roast for next month, and we were thinking of doing some building related skill games that mighty entertain the guests.  We have in the past done things like a competition of driving a 16d nail into hard lumber, or tossing a 2lb hammer into a tire at 20 paces etc. One idea was to bring a minny minny excovator and see who could move a cantalope from point A to point B without smashing it.  Another was placing a step ladder on a pallet with a can of water on the top, and move it with a skid stear without spilling.  Does anyone have a treasure trove of entertaining, and possibly humiliating games that one might try.  Thanks for any ideas. fbartel

Years ago i worked at a (post #201526, reply #1 of 2)

Years ago i worked at a lumberyard and we held a customer appreciation day which included some fun contest.

  1. Belt sander races-we made tracks out of 2x6 and belt sanders would be tethered to identical extension cords plugged into a power strip. when the power strip was activated the sanders took off.
  2. race to untagle 100' extension cords. knot em up and toss them into a pile. 1st one with the cord untagled and re-wrapped wins.
  3. stud tossing- 8',10', & 12' divisions. go for distance. and make room for errent tries.
  4. wheel barrow assembly- 1st one done wins

have fun




I tried this with a group of carpenters sitting around some..... (post #201526, reply #2 of 2)


Distance judging.

From inches to several feet.

You can use lumber if you wish or pick courses of brick from ground to bottom of window.  Go small and work up to ht. of something tall in your area-flag pole, tree, whatever.

Quick doesn't win, accuracy does.


Unbelieveable how close to right on some of us were.

The several ft. lengths made it to within an inch or two.

short measurements (couple ft)  to within an eighth.

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