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thin slices

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thin slices (post #88908)

Did not see it mentioned yet, but did anyone else notice the 1/16" slice off a DF log that Jim left sstanding on end by the sawmill? 

Pretty good setup on that cut Jim, was gonna ask you at the fest if you just left that as a conversation item, thought somebody else would have metioned by now it but have not seen it, so put up this post.

Good job on setup!!  ESp for a blade 2x wider than the wheel rim!

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We are getting better with that saw, Art, but sometimes we have a slightly thick board left at the bottom of a cant, or the first cut into the top of a log wasn't quite deep enough to give a wide enough face for a 2x4.   In that case we go back and remove 1/16" or 1/8" or whatever takes that last board to 1+5/8". 

That's probably what you saw. Sawmilling is new enough to me that I still get excited and save oddball stuff that catches my eye.  

When I first got the mill set up I had a thick board at the bottom of a cant maybe 12' long...I think I was milling 2x8s...but when I slced that last board to proper thickness it took a consistant slice maybe 1/32, maybe 3/64" the entire length of that board.   You could almost see through it.  It happened totally by accident.  I was amazed.  In fact, I sent a piece of it to Andy Clifford since he was interested in mills and timber framing at the time and we were always chatting about that stuff. 

A friend of mine has a cabinet shop locally and I gave him a piece of one of those paper thin slices of alder. He laminated it onto a plywood core like you'd lay up a veneer.  I have it in the back of my head to slice some thin veneers whenever I get into some special grain or species and try making some cabinet panels on wheatboard cores, but I haven't tried it yet.  Even have a very expensive blade I ordered for just such a project when I stumble onto it.