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Winter Fest vacation a warm place?

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I'm just thinking out loud here so feel free to shoot down this trial ballon, if it doesn't make sense to you.

How about a continuing winter fest/vacation, centered at an RV park in the Orlando area?  

Many RV parks cater to groups by providing them with such things as pavillions, meeting halls and larger scale cooking facilities.   

A lot of BTers have free time during the winter months and the motivation to go on vacation in a warmer place where recreation is a key component.

If a few small groups arrive in RVs and hold down the fort, others could fly/drive in and meet up there as their schedule allows.  I'm thinking that a two week period, or longer, in Jan or Feb, would allow for a relaxed get-together where eveyone came and went according to their own recreational and social desires.

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March is when spring training games are played.  I'd be more interested in a getaway then.


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One vote for March.  That's good for me too. 

That's about the time when cabin fever gets pretty bad, if I'm still in the North East then. 

I'm thinking that this could be pretty much an anytime...Jan-March event for some of us.  There are a lot of activities and events in the South East during those months. 

From auto racing to blue grass festivals, fishing,'s a pretty full menu, even without the theme parks. 

I've spent those months in Florida previously, working vacations I called them.  Didn't come home with any extra money but I had a good time and enjoyed the people I worked with there.