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2 nd story decks

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2 nd story decks (post #205309)

Just looking to double check myself.

I'm bidding a condo complex deck rehab, 250 decks, almost half are second story units, been almost 10 years since i've have done any second story decking, wondering what precentage most of you are adding for 2nd story work.

Thanks for any input

Interesting question (post #205309, reply #1 of 3)

That I cannot answer.

But this might bump up the post where someone that does decks for a living and keeps a good set of workbooks on what the heck the last hundred decks cost, site conditions, weather, etc.

2nd story easy access?

or not.

Working above someone else's deck?

or not.

Rehab?  complete teardown or are you just replacing decking?  somewhere in between?

Will the association give you a large section of centally located parking area for all you material etc?


I suppose someone might have a percentage they "add-on" for second story work.  Our union paid 12cents an hour more for anything over 10 feet.  Percentagewise, that wasn't much.

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Be sure to triple-check the (post #205309, reply #2 of 3)

Be sure to triple-check the code and any local ordinances.  There have been enough deck collapses, fires, etc, on apartment decks that a lot of new rules have gone into effect.

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basically these are stacked (post #205309, reply #3 of 3)

basically these are stacked decks, easy access, basic rehab, new decking,rails, some structural work, everything speced by engineer, eash unit was inspected & had a detailed scope of work, have all pricing in place but just wondering if I've covered myself on the 2 nd level work