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Advertising With Fine Homebuilding?

HardwoodFloorGuy's picture

Hi Folks:

I've been in and out of these forums over the last twelve years and curious about advertising. I'm not fond of banner advertising as I now see  they offer an easy step method for "anybody" to be seen in the digital edition. My business has changed considerably in the last year from third party advertising (income) on a website that gets decent traffic.

I always wanted to create my own hardwood flooring line, particularly one made in the USA. It became a reality and went live in November under the domain which is the original created in 2002.

I’ll contact Taunton this week on print advertising, but wondered if anyone had thoughts or experience. 300,000 circulation is handsome and it’s definitely a targeted audience for my business.

Incidentally, if anyone has been on, the new site hasn’t changed much. No chest pounding as to how great my products are and so forth. It's still a common sense approach without an obvious agenda. I have oodles of plans to expand my video production to include more on the job summaries in so far as applications, or how it should be done type videos.


Ken Fisher