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Basic floor plan software

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Hoping to get some good feed back, In the past I used a program( 3d home architect) for basic floor plans, mostly interior layout, just something to present customers after initial meetings, usually kitchens, bath, basements etc. The software I was using  is no longer compatable with new versions of windows. So now I'm on the lookout for something that has a real short learning curve, basic wall,door, window, fixture,etc.anything more I let the draftsperson take over. If it did 3d that would be gteat but not neceaasry. The ability to save plans & email would be a bonus!

So does anyone use something they could recommend?


Try HGTV... (post #207901, reply #1 of 4)

Try HGTV Home Design Platinum.  For $40 at Best Buy you can't beat the ease of use and quick layouts.  It lets you modify each of the elements, so you aren't tied down to the "default" selection.  I have used Autodesk products (QuickCAD, Lt) for years, but the HGTV 3D rendering is pretty cool and I have already drawn 5 or 6 home plans with it.  The wife (client) likes that you change wall colors, cabinet designs, flooring, etc.

Will check it out, Thanks! (post #207901, reply #2 of 4)

Will check it out, Thanks!

Xisland, I love Google (post #207901, reply #3 of 4)

Xisland, I love Google Sketchup!  I use it all the time for kitchen design, cabinet box shop drawings for my crew, and quick whole house renderings for my clients.  I've used the free download version for years and picked it up very quickly even though I am basically computer illiterate.  Check it out.  It sounds perfect for what you are looking for and the price is right.  

Floor plan software (post #207901, reply #4 of 4)

The best thing regarding a floor plan software is that it contain a large database of substance such as windows, doors, tiles, and even furniture, so that you can make your explain as full and as sensible as possible. All you required to do is drag and paste the preferred thing onto the floor area and restore it if you think it doesn't suit the over-all design.