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bidding a hardi plank siding job

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what is the going rates for the installation of hardi plank siding job is 35 square I built the house so I want to make some money but I also want to be fair to customer any response is helpful i live in maryland

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All materials and supplies such as blades and caulk....

X 2....great price for customer.

X 3....great price for contractor.

X 2.5...fair price for both.

You need to get some square up everyday you work... 5 square a day, you and your crew will be tired, and well paid.... 2 square a day and you will sub it out next time.

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rafterman. Reminds me of top gun. Anyway... there is a book out called the national cost estimator. There are several versions out there. I would get the one that is titled renovation & insurance estimator. In this book are listed prices both material & labor for all trades as well as area modification factors. This book can be found at all major bookstores either in home improvement or engineering sections. It comes with a computer disk wich has the books contents on it. The program is a little strange at first but you can print estimates directly from the computer. Hope this helps.