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CAD software for free

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I posted this over at the JLC site, where there are a lot of Sketchup users.  There are maybe fewer here, and maybe not.  But there is at least one ACAD user here, and that's for sure.

DoubleCAD XT, a free download, might be of use to you.

It is like AutoCad Light, only with some great added features, but what makes it useful is that it imports .skp files. The import is a straight shot, without an intermediate step.

With the .skp file imported, you can add, subtract, do whatever you like, make working drawings (SU is a little light on that,) and export as a .dxf or .dwg for use elsewhere.

Google for it and you'll find it.


The reason it may be of some interest to ACAD folks is that first, they already know how to use it, since it is so much like ACAD.


Next, they may find they like it even more, especially so if they are using the detuned ACAD Lite.  DoubleCAD XT is supposed to have some real goodies, as compared to ACAD Lite.


But the beauty of it, IMHO, is that with the way it can import a skippy directly (a Sketchup model file), it means that the ACAD user who doesn't know Sketchup can now have the entire Google 3D Warehouse available to him or her, and that is saying a lot.


Since Google Sketchup Free (GSF) is able to download anything from the 3D warehouse, a non-Sketchup user can use GSF simply as an importer of content from the 3D Warehouse.  Download your Darth Vader Mobile into a new GSF file, save it, open up DoubleCAD XT, import the skippy, and you are off and running.




Gene Davis

"A stripe is just as real as a dadgummed flower."

Gene Davis        1920-1985


"A stripe is just as real as a dadgummed flower."

Gene Davis        1920-1985