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Don't mind me - I'm just venting

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So, here's my rant...

My wife and I own a vacation home outside a relatively small town in NM (exact location undisclosed to protect the innocent). We have renters living there who discovered roof leaks. Sure enough, the hot mopped flat roof has problems.

The original contractor who built the house retired and left the state.

My problem is I've been unsuccessful getting any roofing company out to bid on repairs. The latest annoyance was Sears Home Improvement, which won't even look at the roof unless I'm on-site. Unfortunately, I'm on the east coast.

I've tried expanding my search for roofers outside the immediate vicinty, but the next closest town is 60 miles away, which has apparently left everyone uninterested in the job.

So, my general question to the pros reading this: is it just me or is there a dearth of professional tradespeople in small town America?

I'm just a DIYer, but it (post #206623, reply #1 of 1)

I'm just a DIYer, but it occurs to me that you might try calling some of the (independent) lumber yards in the area and asking for referrals.

Otherwise, you may need to hire a rental agent, or pay a lawyer or such to be your agent.

(Actually, small-town lawyers are often jack-of-all-trades and one may be just the ticket to handle stuff for you.)

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