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Finding QUALITY Clients

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First off, I LOVE construction.  I have a college degree, have been a sucessful corporate exectutive and made tons of money before, but I was misrable.  I left the rat race to follow my heart, residential construction. 

I've been trying for years to make a niche as a high end residential remodeler.  I dream of jobs like Tom Silva on This Old House does.  I work in a very wealthy suburb of San Francisco.  Multi-million dollar homes are a dime a dozen.  I see properties all over doing big additions, building lavish and expensive kitchens and bathrooms.

Sounds like life should be great, right?  It's not!  I struggle just to pay the bills every day.  My wife constantly tells me to "get a real job".  I'm depressed.  My phone is dead, my email the same.  Leads aren't materializing the last few months.  The only jobs I ever seem to get invited to bid on, they either want to do a dirt cheap hack job or have a budget so unrealistic it's not even worth my time to unload the tools!

I have signage on my truck, on any jobsite.  Very positive reviews on all the usual sites, Nextdoor, houzz, Yelp, google, etc.  I have a very professional looking website that actually ranks high on a google search for local contractors.  My past clients all rave about my work, and would gladly serve as references.

Im at a loss.  How can there be all this work around, big jobs with big budgets, and Im not even invited to the dance?  I feel like Im doing evertthing Im "supposed" to and nada.

Anyone else experince this?  Solutions? Advice?