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"green" renovations as a small business

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I recently insulated and weatherized my house and thankfully, I'm now seeing my gas bills reduced by about half. This got me thinking about starting a small business that focused on home efficiency and I'd like to get your feedback on some points:

Energy prices will continue to increase as supply decreases. Renewable energy sources are still being perfected and remain expensive. It's been said that efficiency is our greatest untapped energy supply.

I live in an area loaded with old Victorian mansions left over from the Pennsylvania oil boom. There are lots of big, old houses that I'm sure are just energy pigs.

Does anyone know what the current tax incentives/rebates are for people doing efficiency remodels or if the next administration will be offering anything?

I'm surprised that I couldn't find anyone listed in my Yellow Pages. I think there would be a great demand if you could show people how much money you could save them (especially if there were tax incentives) and also make them think they're doing something to help the environment, but I'd like to hear from you guys. Thanks.

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Very intriguing post. You may want to repost this thread though under "Green Building". You may get more responses.

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There are tons of different programs out their. Many with rebates
or will pay for improvements.

Start with these websites.

Check your local gas and electric companies.

Do a google on weatherizing, energy raters, energy star along with city and state names.

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