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HD In Home Svcs-Sub

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HD In Home Svcs-Sub (post #202091)

This winter I was contacted by the local Home Depot Field Mgr and invited to apply to sub for their In Home Services. Being a little slow (maybe litterally and figuratively) I agreed to meet with him to see what the deal was. He said he found me from the EPA lead certification list.

Before I left the meeting, I said I was curious as to what they were paying (doors, windows, siding) and he said we would talk after I submitted the forms which ended up taking hours and hours to fill out. (They want everything but your first born) In the process he called me several times a week to see how the process was going with filling out the forms.

After I submitted the forms, I didn't hear anything for a few weeks so I called him and he said he everything was ok and he would begin the next phase of offering me work. Nothing. I called again in a few weeks and got the same response. After another few weeks, I left a message asking if something negative showed up on me in the process and that I felt that I was at least due an explanation as to why they weren't following up with me. He called me back and said there was nothing negative on me and that he would follow up. Nothing.

At this point, I wouldn't work for this turkey anyway but I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this? Someone suggested that they probably just have a quota of subs in the pipeline they need to fill. I don't know.

Anyway, think twice before you start the process of subbing for HD.


They go through so many subs (post #202091, reply #1 of 1)

They go through so many subs they have to keep a big backlog of approved guys in their files so they don't lose jobs. Don't worry, a week, a month or 6 months from now he'll call and butter won't melt in his mouth. You'll be just what they need since all the guys they've been using are bums. 

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