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Know a contractor in Wilmington, Delaware?

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In June there was a post about finding a contractor by a member in one of our colder more northern states, Michigan maybe?

I know that the best way is to get a referal from a person you know and take a look at the work preformed. Now I find myself in his shoes looking for a contracator for my In-Laws in Wilmington, Delaware. I live in CA and it is quite a stretch for me to get out to the East coast for a job this small.

They would like to upgrade the vanity and countertop,  replace the comode and replace the existing tub with a tiled shower. They will possibly go with a heavy glass door system instead of the less expensive aluminum framed sliders. The companies they have talked to want to tear out walls and change fixture locations and in general turn a small job into a big job.

Even if this job came up close to home I would be calling my cabinet maker for the vanity and tile guy for the shower, floor and counter top. Precious little for me to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.