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Looking for some expert estimators with strong opinions

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I'm a co-founder at working to build a cloud-based estimate tool that is easy to use, customizable, and accessible on your mobile device. I would love to get a small group of experts to weigh in on features that would be most important to them, pain points in their existing process, and dream features. If you had some interest in sharing your thoughts and opinions, please reply here or email me at The only thing I can offer in exchange is free access to our first beta release and the satisfaction of helping to build what should be a really useful tool.


Detailed parts list and cost, (post #207355, reply #1 of 3)

Detailed parts list and cost, weight, flow time, planning cost, etc.  And for the big city folks in some cities, a line item for parking tickets.

Rodney Dangerfield had a good list of line items in one of his movies.....<G>

Junkhound, I love the line (post #207355, reply #2 of 3)

Junkhound, I love the line item for parking tickets, where I used to live in Boston that would have been a big line item.  

Can I ask what you use today for your estimates?  An installed application, Excel, or something else?  Where does your current solution fall short?


Excell, often simple, yet (post #207355, reply #3 of 3)

Excell, often simple, yet detailed. 

Do mostly small projects on own, large projects I just 'throw the engineering drawings over the wall' to the planning/finance groups, who have some rather sophisticated proprietary programs.

Attached is example of one for a workshop, estimate only for the purposes of building permit valuation, hence in this example labor value at state minimum wage level, and material costs are round-off values vs. specific (e.g. $10 vs actual $10.37 plus 9.5% sales tax, etc which can be added if a more detailed estimate is needed).

Often simply make up the list as plans are drawn (do own plans 'in-house'.)

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