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OSHA inspection

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OSHA inspection (post #120034)

     As I'm exiting the car wash (bird poop) my wife calls me and says where you at? Normally this means I'm to do an errand or some such. Today...I've got an OSHA inspector on the porch.  Our home is listed as the official place of business. We rent yard space and office space.

    I double checked's OSHA or insurance guy. We are coming up on our annual visit for our insurance guy to sit down and talk about safety. She says OSHA. So I have him meet at our office.

     We had a lost time accident in November of 07. They are just about to close it out. Broken arm. Bad one. Surgery a couple times. IMO botched surgery. I digress. Apparently the lost time accident flagged us. So we get a Comprehensive Audit.

     He was real friendly. REAL friendly. I was on guard the entire time. He asked a few questions about how many employees, safety commitee, PPE, etc. Looked at our Safety meeting book. Then we go to the yard. Almost all the trucks are out working. 2 out of service. So we pick the one left. Thank goodness it was entirely full of all the equip. Safety vest, hard hat, triangles, fire extingusher was charged, first aid kit stocked.

    One of the things our crew does is rob the trucks not working of equipment. Even though all they have to do is ask and I will provide anything they need. So, I'm really lucky/glad that truck was fully stocked. Tommorrow he is going to chat with an employee to verify that I'm telling the truth.

We are probably going to get dinged on our Safety book. Assesment of hazards. We have done a verbal one but I don't think we have a written meeting on that. Then we have a couple quarts of paint in one of our storage units. No MSDS so we might get dinged for that. And we have a garden sprayer (empty) and a roundup bottle next to it. We might get dinged for that. Our fuel cans were empty.

    Anyone else get a visit?


hopefully no monetary fines.