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Picking up a Cabinet Line

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I own a small remodeling company and am contemplating picking up a cabinet line.  My motivation is two fold.  First, cabinets are one of the most expensive parts of my work and I think it would make me more competitive if I didn't have to put markup on top of markup.  I may go in with another/friend to cut the cost of samples that would have to be purchased.  Second is I am finding it hard to find a cabinet shop that I really want to deal with.  I would much prefer to have more control over the process.

The problem is which line to pick up?  My fear is to pick the wrong cabinet line and have a nightmare on my hands from poor quality, poor delivery, etc.  I would like to have one company that has a line for the lower budget jobs yet can also handle the high end customer as well.

Any input as to whether it is a good idea and any ideas/feedback on some of the better companies to pick up are greatly appreciated.



You know the area you are in and what type of reno you do....... (post #197511, reply #1 of 3)

The question should be asked, because if you don't just sell kitchen will be hard to maintain the cost necessary to become a cab. "distributor".  I've seen a couple operations do it as a "side" to their business.  They'll have a couple boxes and then several door samples, all of which they have to buy.  Not a real showroom and only maybe the computer elevation drawings to "show" a customer what they can do.

If you start setting up miniature kitchens and baths-I don't think it will pay off short of some miracle.

Best of luck.

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It would help to know where (post #197511, reply #2 of 3)

It would help to know where you're located.

I am in North Carolina. (post #197511, reply #3 of 3)

I am in North Carolina.