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Pricing questions

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Pricing questions (post #196741)

What's up guys.  I've been doing solely electrical work for a while and now have been asked to get back into GC mode for a few nice projects. Now my estimating is rusty so I am basically looking for advice on going rates for residential work in NYC (a high price market).  I have estimates coming from my plumber and HVAC subs and have done the electrical estimate.  I saw the post below saying drywall is 1.75-2.25 per sq ft so I'll use the upper range of that.  Can u guys help with pricing installing prefinished hardwood flooring (per sq foot), installing interior pre hung doors, installing kitchen cabinets and pricing installation of baseboard, crown, casing, etc.  Finally, how about tile (per square foot). Thanks a lot.


NYC... recall a few past (post #196741, reply #1 of 2)


recall a few past post of folks doing work there, someone said budget $200 a day for parking tickets!!!

yowsa...... sounds like a market where you gotta try getting all you can..

do you still have to make a few 'under the counter' payments to get permits and inspections ok'ed, or has that been cleaned up? 

Maybe I can help. Since you (post #196741, reply #2 of 2)

Maybe I can help. Since you mention prefinished floor (Laminite or 3/4" ?), prehung doors (Home center or High end lumber yard?) it sounds like you are doing a clean straight forward job without alot of custom details. (Make sure your client is on the same page, some folks in this town have seen and expect designer homes and they figure they will get it from you just because you are chargeing the same as they paid for thier luxury car.)

Your labor for carpentry and tile is the same scale you pay your electrical crew, the materials pricing you can get from the suppliers, but you may as well get subcontractors estimates for all the trades even if you end up drafting your own crew to do some of the work, because it will give you a sense of whether you are pricing the job correctly. If you feel you could use some help I could provide detailed cost estimates for your jobs probably for a few hundred bucks.

I try to be careful: bargin hunter fever is happening right now. Alot of owners already have realistic GC bids in thier pockets but they are trying to get a contract for way under those numbers by hiring "Guys" who seem to know what they are doing... As an electrician you can pull all the permits for them that a GC would which qualifies you over many others but some unrealistic  clients expect the guy who is running thier job to do the work of the designer, architect and expediter for less than a GC charges just to build the project. If you are dealing directly with a client (who is not in the building business) be very careful to manage thier expectations by educating them about what things really cost and what you can't do for them before you sign the job. Margins are slim to non existent right now and it is easy to get turned down for the final payment by clients who felt they signed up for more than they got... and there isn't much hope of going after even as much as $10,000 just ask a lawyer.

Manage expections before and during the job especially in housing markets like NYC were median income clients are exposed regularly to highend custom remodeling work and demand highend service from almost any one they do busines with from cabbies to grocers to dentists!