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recommended software

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I own a small repair/remodeling company.  I am looking at investing in some software for designing mainly, and possibly estimating projects.  What do you recommend? ( MacIntosh system)

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need more detail (post #197581, reply #1 of 2)

What's your CAD experience?

Are you a fast learner?

What's your budget?

Just remember, design software follows the same principle as remodeling.

You know, 'cost', 'quality' and 'time': You can have it fast and cheap but it won't be good. You can have quality and fast but it won't be cheap, etc.

Design software has 'easy to learn', 'robust' and 'cheap'. You can have any two out the three, but nothing gives all three in one package.


A basic spreadsheet program, (post #197581, reply #2 of 2)

A basic spreadsheet program, Excel or QuattroPro is a must. You can do just about any number crunching on a spread sheet. You can pay a lot for something construction specific, but why. IF you understand your business (cost, time, materials required, etc) you can do it all and more with a spreadsheet. IF you don't understand your business, no software will make up for that deficiency.

A "design software" needs to be a little more clearly defined. You need something that draws plans? 2D? 3D?