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Simonton vs Milgard

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Hi All,

For 2 years now, I've been encouraging my Vinyl Window Replacement customers to use Milgard.  I have a good source for Milgard, and as far as Vinyl windows go, I trust them.  Trouble is, I can't compete on price with the Home Depot supplied Milgards and Jeld-wens. 

So I've looked into selling Simonton Windows.  I will be meeting with a Norandex rep this week.  Norandex is the distributor for Simonton. 

My question is, are Simonton windows any good?  How do they compare with Jeld-wen, Pella pro-line, and Milgard Tuscany? 


David Franklin

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I've been selling Simionton appox 6-7 years,for Vinyl windows they have a good selection to fit just about any budget. Just remember its a vinyl window...

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My clients usually already know what direction they want to go before they call me.  I also offer Hurd, Marvin, and Integrity windows depending on what my client wants.  For those clients, I can sell them on attention to detail, trim carpentry options etc. 

It is the vinyl window products for landlords and flippers, and budget minded homeowners that I am having trouble with.  When I price Milgards through my supplier, the H.O. goes to Hm Depot, and gets lower prices than my supplier sells to me. 

The Simonton Rep told me that they probably wont be cheaper than Milgard, but if there is an element of superior quality for the Simonton, then at least I have a selling point to build off of.


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Last we checked (2005 or so) Simonton did not have a replacement style window, that is one without a nailing fin.  Also, they did not have any windows without the integral j-mold, which is great if that's the look you're going for.

As for quality, we had a local CDC who used them rather exclusively (we were designing senior housing for this group and got the Simonton referral from them), and swore by them being good vinyl windows for the $$.

That's about all I know though.  Have you tried MI windows?  I have really like their vinyl line for what it's worth.


"It depends on the situation..."
"It depends on the situation..."

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At, they show a prism series replacement window by simonton.  However, what I try to encourage my clients to do is use new construction windows for their replacement needs.  I feel that too much glass is lost using the old existing frame.  Also, most window replacements are driven by rotten siding and water infiltration issues that I can address during a full frame replacement. 

My approach is based on what I would do on my own house, however, many people don't care that they will lose 25% of their visible glass if they go with a frame in frame replacement.  That attitude baffles me.

I was not aware all Simontons had an integral J-mold.  Does that mean they only work with Vinyl siding applications?  I don't know squat about vinyl siding, never wanted to know about it, but it seems inevitable that I will have to learn.

I have never come across MI Windows. 

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Just make sure your rep, or the sales people address these issues when you're talking to them about Simonton to make sure you're comparing apples with apples.  I don't know 4 years later if all their windows are j-molded, or the nuances of their windows as compared with other available manufacturers.

"It depends on the situation..."

"It depends on the situation..."

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I have just replaced all the operating hardware and all seals on 26 simonton casement windows. These windows are 8 yo and simonton provided all part under warranty.

These windows are on a oceanfront home and the hardware had begun to rust.
Called simonton and they sent a rep down to inspect them. IMHO excellent customer service.

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I just attended a Simonton presentation at Ted Lansing - out local supplier.  They seem well made and have a wide variety of options and grades.  They have three levels of replacement windows and do offer an option without a j-channel for new construction as well as a flat casing which I have not seen in any other vinyl window.

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I installed a houseful of Simonton and I liked them. They are a good quality vinyl window and I'm a vinyl window fan...if the color scheme can be achieved using their limited colors.

Simonton offers both finned (new work) and non-finned (replacement) and has a built in  j-channel available.

Is anybody out there? 

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I met with the Simonton rep today, and was impressed by the quality of the window.  He left some samples for me to take into meetings with homeowners.  I will look for the right guinea pig homeowner, (Maybe my house), and order some to see how it goes. 

I was surprised by the pricing, they are far less expensive than what I am used to paying for Milgard.  If the windows are good, and the service from the supplier is excellent, I may be selling Simonton windows this year. 

As far as I can tell, they are better than Amsco, Jeld-wen, Gerkin, and Cascade.  Which are the brands that I come into contact with most often. 

All comments are appreciated,

David F.

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I've installed a couple Simonton windows. Was fairly impressed with the double hungs. What got my attention thought was the big bay.

Was a very nice unit, especially "for the money". It was a good size bay, lotsa room for racking, etc. Was really well built, great fit/ finish ... and solid as could be.

Had based that recommendation on the double hungs, and as I said ... was really impressed with the unit in person. Had some real nice details.


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