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Using Contractors Liscense to pull permits for another company

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It has been some time since I have been on Breaktime, so I'm not up to speed with the current posts.  I trust however that I can get some invaluabel advice here. 

I am a small general contractor, who has been very slow for the last 3 months.  As a way to possibly get some work I approached a new local company that installs solar collectors about doing any remodel work that might occur with their installations.  I was greated enthusiastically.  It seems that they had been using the contractors license of another man to pull permits, and this individual recently quit them.  What they want from me is to pull permits, install the units on the roof, make any alterations to the structure to support the units.  They have someone who would do any plumbing and electrical work, as I am not licensed for those areas. 

I talked with the local building officials, who suggested that they should probably hane a HVAC contractor pull these permits, and that my doing this might be unwise.  Frankly I am quite leary of the arrangement, and would like comments from others whom might be more knowldgable about situations like this.  Thanks.  fbart1

Does it seem reasonable to (post #199621, reply #1 of 4)

Does it seem reasonable to you that a company doing business in your area doesn't have a license? I don't know what the consequences could be if you know what hits the fan. It could be many things and a lot of those could be very serious. If you are holding the permits in your name, under your license, where do you stand not only with compliance but also for damages or injuries.

A few years ago, I paid my long time friend and mason in advance. We had been working together for 25 yrs. and I had no qualms about doing so. What I didn't expect was him having a stroke. Lucky I know how to lay bricks. You never know what odd thing can happen. I wouldn't risk it.

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There was a similar question about license use here a while back (post #199621, reply #2 of 4)

Their case was different in that the set up was for using the contractor's license but not including him in the work.  In this case, you are doing some of the work, not all which might be the rub.  If there is separate permits for the electrical and plumbing-those other guys should pull that.  It sounds like you are doing the framing and associated alterations along with mounting the collectors. 

Who would be liable for all the work?  You as the "general contractor" or you and the others according to the work?

In any case if you decide to do this, you should receive remuneration for it.  You've got a salesman selling the product installed-you in reality are subbing the frame/alteration/install of units for them.  Seems they do the billing and reap the whole shelonga including markup on your work.  If you're the permit puller for the whole thing, then that money arrangement is backasswords.

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I read that earlier post .  I (post #199621, reply #3 of 4)

I read that earlier post .  I didn't explain that the solar company wants to treat me as subcontractor, yet use my liscence to do their installations, and have their employees do the rest of the hook up.  It sounds as if my charge would be in addition to what their contract was with the customer, and I could be payed by the company, or the customer.  It all sets up a bunch of red flags for me, that make the whole situation feel uncomfortable.  The permit should be pulled by the general contractor,( or the company), and the subs should work for him. 

It's to bad. We have been slow for over three months now, and a little extra income would have been welcome, however I'm afraid that I will have to decline this deal.

Any other words of wisdom are appreciated.  Thanks.  Fbart1

Whether or not we're right on this............ (post #199621, reply #4 of 4)

I don't know.

But if it doesn't feel right, I agree on the pass.  If they are so impressed with your qualifications they'll find another way around the license and hire you anyway.

Best of luck.

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