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12" hardie lap siding install questions

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I am just starting to install some 12" hardie lap siding. Standard product specs call for bailing at 3/4-1" from top edge in a blind nailing situation. This is for standard product and for 12" there is no special instructions. There is no nail line on this product. I think it should be min 1" and lap to 1.25,or 1.5". Given the widht of the board it has a tendency to be kind of loose at the bottom edge since the nail doesn't put much tension on the lap. I am wondering if we should add a face nail on bottom lap at perhaps a 6 ft interval or so and use a finishing nail hand nailed to prevent over nailing on this exposed edge. Any experience out there with this, let me know. Thanks

Have you read Hardi's (post #216518, reply #1 of 1)

Have you read Hardi's installation instructions?  Blind or face nailing is allowed but not both. You can lap more than the minimum to make each lap pinch the one below more if you like.

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