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Advise needed on paint removal tools

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Advise needed on paint removal tools (post #215369)


I am preparing to scrape the badly peeling paint from my 2700 sq. ft.  colonial house with attached garage. It has cedar clapboard siding.   I plan on getting the two worst sides done this fall and finsinshing the other two sides in the Spring.  Given the cost I am saving by doing this myself rather than contracting it out and the time I could save (there is a LOT of scraping to do)  I am considering picking up a Paint Shaver Pro (new or used) or  Metabo for the paint removal.   Never having used one I have some questions about them.

Some of clapboards are slightly bowed.  Not enough to be really visible by eye but enough so that when I am scraping with a scraper the corners of the scrapper blade contact the clapboard and not the mddle of the blade.  Is this an issue when using trhese machines?  Does one handle this better than the other? 

Paint Shaver makes an 8 amp model. Is there enough of a difference between the 6 amp and 8 amp models to make it worth buying the 8 amp?  There are not a lot of nails to deal with. 

These can also be used on the trip, right?

Is there any reason not to use a tool like this rather than scrape?

Lastly,  How do the Metabo and Paint Shave Pro compare?   Is there really $500 difference in performance?  i don't mind spending the extra money if it is worth it.  I do not want to buy the cheaper model and then regret it when I find out why there is a price difference.  

Thanks for any advice.



No comment on the scraping (post #215369, reply #1 of 6)

No comment on the scraping tools.  But I hope you are planning on switching to a stain to avoid future scraping.

Actually, this is a solid (post #215369, reply #2 of 6)

Actually, this is a solid color stain.

How old is the stain job? (post #215369, reply #3 of 6)

How old is the stain job?

10 - 15 years.   I think the (post #215369, reply #4 of 6)

10 - 15 years.   I think the prep for the staining previous to the last on,  as well as the last one, was not done very well based on the chips that are peeling.   

One more thing, the rough (post #215369, reply #5 of 6)

One more thing, the rough side of the clapboard is the exposed side.  Don't know if that makes a difference for the paint shavers.

Do you have a dealer nearby for either tool? (post #215369, reply #6 of 6)

If so, you might want to inquire if they will lend / rent one for a test drive. See if the Mfg. has local rep as well. 

Good luck.