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All Concrete Block House Renovation - Exterior Wall Detail

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Hey Guys. I am current;y in the midst of a full gut renovation of an all concrete block house (single wythe cmu). This house is in Northwest Ohio, so we do see some cold winters and have hot humid summers. There was never any interior framing done on the inside of the exterior walls, only plaster over block. After some time, that plaster had cracked, so wood paneling was installed directly over the walls. I am planning on hanging new drywall throughout the entire house, but need some help on the exterior wall detail. It isn't the largest footprint, so I would like to keep the detail as slim as possible. With that being said, I am plannig on treating this pretty much the same way as I would a finished basement. No vapor barrier, layer of insulation (2"EPS) then frame out with a 2x2 wall, then hang drywall. Do you guys see any issues with this? Appreciate any feedback. 

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I don't think it will be an issue. Although, expert can tell more about it. You can also check this website and you may find some helpful information about concrete sealing.


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Sounds reasonable.  Do note that the problem will be with moisture migrating from the inside outward, vs outside-in with a basement, but the EPS should handle the moisture reasonably well.  You might consider placing a plastic membrane directly behind the drywall, though.

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I owned a block house for 10 years. The construction I inherited was just wood nailers over the CMU and drywall attached to the nailers. No vapor barrier. No insulation. In Northern NJ with fairly cold winters and the house was fairly easy to heat and cool. Good thermal mass and no air infiltration except at the old windows. 

You are on the right track with the EPS. 

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Thank you for your response Steve. Out of curiosity, was your exterior exposed block as well, or was a finish applied over?

No the exterior was aluminum (post #216199, reply #4 of 8)

No the exterior was aluminum siding. You could see the block at the window and door returns  which I didnt like, so I ended up trimin the windows with 1x material.

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I'm located in Maumee, if you're close I can stop by and try to confuse you.  Retired now after 45 yrs a carpenter and dig this-honest.

lemme know.

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Hello Calvin. Im in Hicksville (just west of defiance). Not sure if you're ever this way but would certainly take some in person advice if you are.


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i just sent you a private message (small box should appear on left side of this page.  If not, check your inbox on left side of page.  I enclosed my email address.

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