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I have to build two baby gates for a client.  The gates need to match  the stair system we installed.  Box newels, maple railing and wrought iron balusters.  Does anyone know of the best type of hardware to use for this type of gate?  Any suppliers that might carry a variety of options?

Bear in mind that there could (post #206933, reply #1 of 2)

Bear in mind that there could be some seriouss liability issues here.  Probably needs to be built like a crib, with members no further apart than 3-4 inches (not sure what the current crib standards are).  Latch needs to be 110% reliable.

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buy a gate (post #206933, reply #2 of 2)

just go buy a gate and swipe the latching hardware and whaterver else and incorporate it into your design. Ought to be able to pick a few of their spacing specs as well.  Fro the cost of the gate you'll be time ahead for finding what you need.  I'd find my own hinges though.


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