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Balloon Framing

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I am working on an old farm house built around 1908. It is of balloon construction. There are 1 inch plank on the inside of the 2 X 4's. Can i remove the plank to insulate and run wiring or is it structural in some way.



Yes, those were installed in (post #215307, reply #1 of 2)

Yes, those were installed in the days before drywall so it's just wall covering. Didn't keep much heat or cold out either!

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The boards while not structural might be doing a good job of helping the bldg stay true.  Blown insulation might require holes for filling and mesh for keeping the insulation in, but removal of a board for drilling / wiring might be all your demo.

if things are sweet in the plumb, I'd be tempted to leave it.

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