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best or favorite underlayment for vinyl flooring

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What is the best or preferred, or favorit underlayment for vinyl flooring.  Long ago particle board was often used.  I suppose that is still fine and cheap if there is no fear of moisture.

thoughts?  Thanks.


1/4" Sureply.   Avoid using (post #214685, reply #1 of 2)

1/4" Sureply.   Avoid using cheap luan.

Thicker (post #214685, reply #2 of 2)

Thanks Boss.  It is good to have a brand name.  I am wondering if you can get a thicker underlayment.  I would like the transition to carpet to be closer in thickness and ususally carpet comes in at abotu 3/4 inch thick (carpet and pad).

Feel free to tell me i am missing something regarding proper install or Best Practices.