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Broken Pella Window

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The kindly fireplace installers must have dropped something when putting on the ill-fitting chase top [another story], and hit the window probably from a height of 20 feet. The aluminum trim is dented, and a crack starts from that point. Nice of them to tell me about it---NOT!!!

This is a fixed window, not a tilting one. Being Pella, the inner glass comes out, but I cannot see how to remove the wood to replace the glass.

Pella of course says you have to have a professional Pella Installer replace the glass! Has anybody done this?

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John, you should be able to get ahold of their detail sheet which would show you the assembly of their window. I have found that the guys in the back that do the service work on occasion work side jobs. At the minimum, they should be able to walk you through it. Be nice and show up in the morning with a box of donuts. If you have to remove the interior stops, here's a description. I think you can remove the ext cladding a little easier.

Last spring I had to replace the interior stops on some fixed sash that a squirrel chewed up trying to get outta the building. The stops were almost invisible (as to their fastening). They were glued (weird silicone?) in and came out in small pcs. Being careful with a cpl thin flat bars (glazier bars)and a stiff putty knife, I was able to not destroy the frame.

Damn squirrel never did make it out.....RIP

Best of luck.

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Let me think back a few years..........

Ok, I'm in the zone........

there are specialty screws galvanized, about 2-1/2" long if I remember right. they are stepped - #10 or 12 threaded for part of the lenghth and then 1/4" smooth shank for the rest to act like a pin. Seems like they are Phillips drive but could be square or hex.
The trick was finding them. There were plastic caps covering them on the inside of the wood sash that looked akmost like the primed wood, The first one is about 6-8" from the corner of the window. They were tight enough to need the breakfst of champions.

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I Just replaced a broken outer glazing on a Pella. Remove the inner glazing and the remove the wood stops that seperate the two glazing panels. these were glued in with penny sized dots of adhesive. I used a thin pry bar and a stiff putty kinfe sliding then]m along the length of the trim to remove it. I didn't have much trouble with this. Cleaning off all of the old glazing sealer was the toughest part.
To replace it I laid down a bead of a urethane caulking and set the new glazing in it,then applied another bead before installin the stops.
All in all it wasn't too difficult.

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Get the cut sheet like Calvin said if none of the other works. What ever you do, DONT let the Pella "PROS" fix (interesting choice of words) anything. The last job I let Pella "fix" took them four tries and took me another day to fix correctly. Just one mans opinion.