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Building "catwalk" access

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Hi!  I'm in my new home, finished (by my bldr) about six months ago.  Budget left some unfinished projects which i am now going to have to do.  One is to build a length of decking by about 3ft wide and 20-24 ft long under the living room windows which are at this end of the house, on the second floor above the basement.  This, so I can wash my windows, paint the window trim, etc. The livingroom deck is on the side, and I left those two support beams extended, which it seems could be used at that end, to provide support for the catwalk?  How to support it the remaining length is what I need advice for.  Thanks for any advice.  Kris 


Basically, you can't go much (post #215292, reply #1 of 4)

Basically, you can't go much farther than about 12 feet without posts to the ground or beams that extend 8-12 feet into the framing of the house.

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That's going to be some (post #215292, reply #2 of 4)

That's going to be some expensive access! Your catwalk will have to be built just like any other deck. 6 X 6" posts to the ground and tall enough to support a Code approved guardrail. Ladders are cheap.

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Why not rent or buy some (post #215292, reply #3 of 4)

Why not rent or buy some scaffolding?

Its strong, safe, and most likely, resellable once you're done