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can I skim coat over cement board for a sauna floor?

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I'm building an outdoor sauna with a wood burning sauna stove.  The floor will have a 3/4" subfloor but I need a non-combustible floor surface.  I would prefer to have a concrete-like floor and then just use some cedar duckboards on top for the limited walking area.

Does anyone have any experience with using a durarock type skimcoat over cement board or Hardie board? What are the best products to use? Should I tape the seams first with fiberglass tape?

The finish doesn't have to be perfect.


We stucco over cement board (post #216137, reply #1 of 1)

We stucco over cement board all the time. Works great. Never used it for a floor but it should work as long as it doesn't flex a lot. 

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