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Ceramic tile floor stability

GeorgeP's picture


I am going to be laying a ceramic tile floor In a 3 season porch.  The area is 13' x 16',  the subfloor is nailed and glued 3/4" AdvanTech.  This is being done on Cape Cod so, because of the hurricane requirements the floor is very stable and solid.  Jumping up and done there is no bounce or vibration at all.  The tile will be a large tile, either 12" or 14" square or perhaps rectangular tiles. 

I plan on putting down a layer of cement board before tiling.and then am considering using Ditra.  If I use the Ditra, do I need the cement board?

Because the room has large windows and will receive a lot of sun I am concerned about  expansion.  If I use the Ditra does that eliminate the need for expansion joints?