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ceramic tile over composite flooring

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 My Situation is;  I have to install 900 sq ft. of ceramic tile .  The floor is a slab .  sound, level, ect.  The composite flooring laid on it is 12 x 12 , extremely WELL cemented.  There is not one loose piece in the house.  My question is wheather I can use Ditra right over the composite and then proceed to tile.  If I do , what should I adhere the Ditra to the composite with.  The home is in west Texas, so, no real freezing  weather. I surely would appreciate any input.

           Thanks,  Rotten Apple

Call Ditra's technical support folks and ask (post #206954, reply #1 of 2)

I think you could put Ditra down right over the top of the flooring, but I'd call Ditra's tech support and ask just to be sure. 

Commercial tiles may be too (post #206954, reply #2 of 2)

Commercial tiles may be too smooth for thinset to stick well, using Ditra.  I've used thinset over old wall tile with new tiles, but small, thin tiles and small area only.

If contacting the Ditra or the thinset companies gives you no answer, I would at least rough up the tile floor with wood floor refinisher with the lowest number sandpaper.  Orbital floor sander may work well here, since all you want is scoring the tiles.