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Code way to install ceiling joists

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Good day everyone

I am trying to find the right way to install ceiling joist in a garage being converted into an office. The top plate is at 8foot 9inch but I want the ceiling height to be 8 foot. What is the code way to install the ceiling joists?

Thanks for your sharing your knowledge.

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Did you consider hanging an Suspended Acoustical Tile ceiling system?

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why do you want to lower the ceiling? A little more headroom in a garage is  always a good thing

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Whole lotta information missing for a complete answer.

How big is the garage?( what is the ceiling span?)

Will this ONLY be a ceiling? Or are you planned on using it for storage above?

What are planning to store above?

What will the finished ceiling material be?

If its small enough...and its just a ceiling....a 2 x 6 ledger run along each of the long runs with 2 x 6 joists toenailed perpendicularly every 16" O/C. Maybe some joist hangers.

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Hi and thanks for the replies. The room is 11'6"wide x16' long and the ceiling will be 1/2" sheetrock.The ceiling span is 11'6"and the walls will be paneling thats the reason for only 8' walls. Right now its just the stud walls the garage is attached to the house. I wondered if you could just nail the 2x6 joists to the side of the 2x4 studs.

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Why not do a 16" soffit  around the room and keep the higher ceiling in the middle. The room will feel larger and you can still use the 8" paneling.

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Great idea that would look great but I just want it simple and the least amount of time to complete.


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In that case raise the paneling up a bit and run a wider base at the bottom and some crown at the top to cover the gaps.

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Sorry I didn't say that I am wanting to get by with the least amount of money spent This is a 55 year old home and I don't want to put much money in it for just an office.But I love your ideas.




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I guess I don't understand what the current ceiling is. The top plate is at 8'9", are there just roof rafters exposed currently? I was assuming that there were flat joists in place on the 8'9" top plate.

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There are just roof rafters exposed currently and the cap plate for the exterior wall and the top plate for the interior house wall.

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>> There are just roof rafters exposed currently and the cap plate for the exterior wall and the top plate for the interior house wall. <<

Are there interior walls?

Are there any collar ties nailed to the rafters?

If there isn't, you will have to put them in.

What size rafters do you have and what size ridge?

Check your walls to see if they're straight and once they are, you can nail your 2x6's along side the studs right underneath the top plate. You will have to nail hurricane ties onto the rafters since the ceiling joists are not nailed into them. You have to see if this is code where you're from.

They might want you to put a 2x6 band around the perimeter and hang the ceiling joists with joists hangers.

Joe Carola

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Joe Carola

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Hi, yes this is an old home I am just converting the garage to an office. It has a gable roof.