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Concrete floor interior with wood deck exterior?

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I cannot seem to find any examples of this anywhere. But I am putting up a pole building and I plan to put in a concrete floor later. But my wife really wants a wrap around wood deck. A patio is out of the question in this case. So it must be wood. I have not seen any examples of this being done before.


Does anyone have any advice on how to make this work? To the best of my knowledge, a concrete floor is going to be close to the ground. But a wooden deck is going to be higher. It seems like this might require one to "step down" when going into the building.


I would appreciate any thoughts you may have.


Joe M

It is possible to make a (post #214689, reply #1 of 2)

It is possible to make a ground-level wood deck/patio, but it requires considerable care, and the life of the wood will be limited to 20 years or so (except in dry environments).  All framing should be foundation grade treated, and the decking must be exceptionally rot-resistant -- tropical wood, high-grade treated, or plastic.  Used to be you could use redwood, but decent redwood is scarcer than hens' teeth.

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Your concrete can be raised (post #214689, reply #2 of 2)

Your concrete can be raised to whatever level you need witha block kneewall and fill. A wood deck can be built on the ground but is not good practice. You would be much better served with pavers in that instance.

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