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Concrete mix recommendation for filling out slab voids

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Door framing was embedded into the slab and rotted out.


  1. What kind of concret mix should I use to fill out the voids?
  2. How long do I need to wait before installation of a new pressure treated framing?



Thank you!


1) Whatever you have that (post #215915, reply #1 of 3)

1) Whatever you have that hasn't gone bad.

2) Probably best to wait for the concrete to set.

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I'd be inclined to use a (post #215915, reply #2 of 3)

I'd be inclined to use a quick set concrete or grout so I could get back to work quickly.

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Oz (post #215915, reply #3 of 3)

Get rid of the black stuff and any crap out of the void.  Slather the areas that will abutt the new filler with concrete glue.  I'd probably use sand mix, concrete with some small stones......should be available by the name.  

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