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correctly flashing replacement window in 1915 oakland stucco

cdmllr's picture

My crew is installing a couple of windows in a Craftsman-style bungalow in Oakland, CA. I'm the apprentice on the scaffold breaking the stucco. Zillow lists the house as built in 1915, last remodeled in 1958. The house was built using a stucco system that we have not seen before. The frame is full-size 2x4, with tarpaper fastened directly to the studs. On top of this are wooden lath boards milled with a shark's fin profile, and then stucco. Is there a specific name for this system? What is the term for this milled wooden stucco lath?

More importantly, what is the best way to flash our windows?

We've broken the stucco back about a foot from the window framing, and carefully cut the wooden lath away with a multi-tool. I assume the contractor will have us install plywood sheathing where we cut the lath away, so the stucco patchers will have enough room for their wire.

Just to explain my picture a bit, it shows some broken stucco clinging to wire lath, but that is not original construction. We installed a window in an area where a door opening had been framed in and stucco'd over. That area had wire lath.

Thank You!