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Damp Proofing a Stud Wall

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I have a problem.  We are trying to restart a project that a previous owner had shut down prior to selling to our client.  The house is a 20's era frame house where the interior finishes had been stripped out leaving a shell.  There is no sheathing behind the old "teardrop" sideing.  No sheathing, tar paper/building felt, nuthin, zilch.

The previous owner had done a limited addition but had only put housewrap over the studs prior to installing siding.  I am very concerned that the this thing is gonna leak like the titanic.  My inclination is to advise the client to pull all the siding, install sheathing with a building wrap, then reside.

Is there an alternate such as spraying urethane into the cavities that might skin over to block exterior moisture intrusion or is it what it is?   Any thoughts would be appreciated.



PS-Sadly I can't seem to rotate the attached image.

Well, not a lot of options.  (post #207013, reply #1 of 1)

Well, not a lot of options.  Foaming the inside will trap any moisture that gets through and promote rot.  And the "teardrop" doesn't offer a smooth surface to allow going over it with something else -- if it was, eg, shiplap you could put housewrap over it and install new siding.  Plus I think I see some daylight through that siding.

There are some kind of half-arsed measures you could take to build a rain screen inside the wall, but they would be, well, half-arsed.

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