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Details for a secret access panel in the top of a wooden table/entertainment console

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 I am looking for some guidance on building a secret access panel/door in the top of an entertainment console. The entertainment console is about 12' x 2'-4" wide with a 50" long, electric fireplace centred in the middle and flush with the outside edge of the cabinets on either side of the fireplace. This leaves roughly 20" behind the fireplace that can be used to store "stuff". To access the "stuff", i was thinking of building and access panel/door in top of the entertainment console that would be roughly 50" long and 12" wide. The top will be roughly 1 1/2" thick made of ash that we've milled from our previous property.

First thoughts are invisible hinges (i call them knuckle hinges) and magnetic locks with possibly a (door) stop running on three sides attached to the underside of the table. How do you do this with almost no gap yet still account for seasonal movement of the wood? is there a better solution to use the space behind the electric fireplace? The fireplace is only 6" deep. 

Look forward to your insights!

I've made hideyholes like (post #216164, reply #1 of 1)

I've made hideyholes like that many times. I'd make the opening then screw a ledger to the underside on 2 sides so the lid can sit on the ledgers. Don't need anything fancy.

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